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05 May 2003, 10:22 PM
ok iīve got a few questions about character rigging.

1st one:

I have a head. It has 2 eyes as separate Geometry and a mouth with tongue& teeth. If i morph the mouth to phonemes, how do i match the tongue & Teeth to move along with the mouth jaws? I know the upper jaw doesnt move(just stands still) but how do i match the lower one to the lower jaw?

How to make a Full body in a single geometry model, and then skin it properly, plus having itīs head as a morpher for phonemes. I usually do this by attaching the head to the body, weld it and then add a morpher modifier to it. But this causes 3DSMAX to run too danm slow. I saw a model (a clown from 3dsmax) who has his head as separate geometry but at the same time moving it along physique plugin(i tried the same a long time ago but i wasnt so sucessful, plus he isnt what i kinda want cuz he has the neck with a shirt, and i want a shiertless character.

Any ideas?

Iīve heard of something called constrains? is that what i need to learn? Aid me please.:bounce:

05 May 2003, 10:39 AM
ok after an exaustive search on Cgtalk i found some good ways to make what i wanted. But i still gotta lern about how to make the Jaws & its bone to move with the mouth...gotta look into it further.
Help is apreciated

05 May 2003, 10:48 AM
Maybe you can help me with a doubt I have, when trying to aply morph targets to an object:
1. I get a bad result when using the modifier symmetry even if before aplying the morpher I convert all the mesh to editable polygon, so I have to do it collapsing the stack first and then movind the two sides of te mesh without symmetry, anyway to solve it?

2. when I aply a texture max to a face, I donīt find the way to make it deform properly when I animate the mouth, Iīve heard something of morph materials but I donīt find them.

05 May 2003, 06:25 PM
lol this post was originaly made to help myself, but i dont mind helping a cg brother ;)

Ok i gotta be honest with ya, i didnt understood what u asked in the 1st question

but for the second i say:

go to the material editor, Choose standart material. A rollup of mats is shown. choose "Morph" as the material type. there u have. Havent tryed it yet by myself(cuz until now i all my morph targets i made did gave me good results with planar maps so far) but hope thats what u needed.

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