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06 June 2008, 03:25 AM

rollout Make_q "Quick Constraints" width:440 height:380
listBox seL1 "Source_Objects" offset:[0,0,0] width:180 height:20
listBox seL2 "To_Objects" offset:[220,-288,0] width:180 height:20

button removeL1 "Remove" offset:[-107,0,0] width:60 height:25
pickButton addL1 "Add" offset:[-170,-30,0] width:60 height:25
button connect "MAKE" offset:[0,-30,0] width:140 height:25
button removeL2 "Remove" offset:[107,-30,0] width:60 height:25
button addL2 "Add" offset:[170,-30,0] width:60 height:25

on removeL1 pressed do
if seL1.selected != undefined then
local mirrorlistarray = seL1.items as array
deleteItem mirrorlistarray seL1.selection
seL1.items = mirrorlistarray
else messagebox "No objects in Source list!"
mirrorlistarray = undefined

on addL1 picked obj do
objselected = obj
temp_obj = seL1.items
dupflag = false
for i in 1 to temp_obj.count do if == temp_obj[i] then dupflag = true
if dupflag then messagebox "Object already in list!" else append temp_obj ; seL1.items = temp_obj
Make_qFloater = newRolloutFloater "Quick Constraint v1.0" 440 380
addRollout Make_q Make_qFloater

i want to know how to do :

- set listBox LEFT to RIGHT ( like SkinUtilities > Import Skin Data From Mesh )
use LEFT to collect objects, place positions, change order etcs and
RIGHT the same way plus objs being targets for respective objs in the LEFT

questions :
- listbox moveUp/moveDown objs
- the order wich in listboxes will be the target for conections
- how to organize when writing

guess it will give a good flexibility to do massive constraints .....but i think it is hard do write....


06 June 2008, 12:39 AM
how can i implement the my list box to select a bunch of objects using selectByName() ?


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06 June 2008, 12:39 AM
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