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06 June 2008, 05:17 PM
Been doing a lot of modelling over the last few days and wondered if there is a way to make a pop up kinda thing for when you're selecting vertex's I often accidentally select 2 when I only wanted one.. would be nice if just after you'd clicked at the cursor location a little number flashes up and then dissappears telling you how many vertex's/edges/faces etc you have selected.

06 June 2008, 06:22 PM
It's certainly possible, but why not simply keep the command panel or macrorecorder in view?
Either will tell you that you selected more than 1 vertex/edge/faces :)

I bet ScriptSpot has a bunch of these, so here's just me goofing around... requires 3ds Max 2009 (Node Event system)

testNECB = undefined

rollout selRollout "" (
label lbl_verts "NNNNNN vertices selected"
label lbl_edges "NNNNNN edges selected"
label lbl_faces "NNNNNN faces selected"

timer tick_tock interval:3000 active:true

on tick_tock tick do ( destroyDialog selRollout )

fn test ev nd = (
local obj = getAnimByHandle nd[1]
local selVerts = obj.selectedVerts
local selEdges = obj.selectedEdges
local selFaces = obj.selectedFaces

if (not then ( createDialog selRollout 162 60 mouse.screenpos.x mouse.screenpos.y style:#(style_toolwindow) )
else ( selRollout.tick_tock.ticks = 0 )

selRollout.lbl_verts.text = (selVerts.count as string) + " vertices selected"
selRollout.lbl_edges.text = (selEdges.count as string) + " edges selected"
selRollout.lbl_faces.text = (selFaces.count as string) + " faces selected"
testNECB = nodeEventCallBack mouseUp:true subobjectSelectionChanged:test

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06 June 2008, 06:22 PM
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