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Flash FROG
05 May 2003, 12:11 AM
Hello, I created this site but once I click on view image button, the image loads but the percentage loader doesn't work.
Page not completed yet.
Any ideas?
This is my actionscript right now.
if (comic == 1) {loadMovie("1.jpg", "picback");}
if (comic == 2) {loadMovie("2.jpg", "picback");}
if (comic == 3) {loadMovie("3.jpg", "picback");}
if (comic == 4) {loadMovie("4.jpg", "picback");}
setProperty("bar2", _xscale, getBytesLoaded()/getBytesTotal()*100);

fraggle two
05 May 2003, 07:54 AM

try this...

use 3 frames

in the first frame set the length of the bar to 0: bar2._xscale = 0

then in the next frame get the percentage value: percent = getBytesLoaded()/getBytesTotal()*100) and use this value for your _xscale amount: bar2._xscale = percent

in the last frame u look if the percentage value is 100 or not:

if (percent != 100){
gotoandplay(where u want to go next)

hope this is correct and helps


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