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Howard Day
01 January 2002, 09:20 PM
Good news, everyone! I've purchased a server and the animation is now available for your viewing pleasure!
21MB, DIVX 640x240
you will need the Dvix codec (

This is started out as project to create a realistic jungle. It's taken a little over two months to complete, and is now ready for your eyes. Unfortunately, I've learned so much since I finished this thing that it would be twice as good if I did it now... :-( This is one of the feature animations for the new opening of the Sci-Fi Art webpage. Done in 3dsMax 3. Since it is such a large file, you might want to check out some of my smaller works ( to convince you to download it.
I've been using Max for less than 6 months.

Thanks for taking a look.
Please enjoy.

Howard Day
01 January 2002, 11:11 PM
What, no love?


Staffan Norling
01 January 2002, 03:58 AM
Ofcourse we love you. :)

el gatto
01 January 2002, 04:55 AM
It looks good Howard :) but it dosen't look really realistic to me :confused: , but I like it anyways :)

good work


Howard Day
01 January 2002, 05:25 AM
Not realistic? In what way?

01 January 2002, 07:23 AM
Looks good. But I would agree it's not totally realistic. The sphere of particles that come from the hull of the ships as they enter the atmosphere, should be more to the shape of the ship's hull instead of this invisible sphere.

The jungle looks good for the fast flying action, but when the two enemy ships stop, it gives away the reality of the jungle.

Looks cool other than those two points I see.


*whip crack* "Draw better!" *whip crack* "More polygons!"

01 January 2002, 09:00 AM
hm I have to say the server you purchased is great! really fast ;)
where is it located?

now to the movie:
it looks pretty good in the fast scenes but in the slow ones you see the plants and all that stuff are lowpoly
also I didn't like the music too much there's not enough 'action' in it
the sound fx were good but they should be a bit louder maybe

I liked the movie though, keep it up and give us more stuff!! :D

01 January 2002, 01:28 PM
Anything but photorealistic will recieve a certain amount of criticism, and although I agree with the above I must say that I like the little movie. Short and effective story (I mean, spaceships fighting HAS been seen before, but you present all the elements in a very good way), and thats hard enough to create. I especially like the ending with the two enemy ships still burning as our hero speeds away to the next assignment.

Good work! :)

Staffan Norling
01 January 2002, 07:15 PM
You guy's whine too much....You knew that my buddy Howard Day have been using Max for a few mounths only??

01 January 2002, 10:29 PM
Guys..... what do you say? I think for 6 month of using MAX it is amazing. Of cource there are some obvious things, like the jungle, music, and some of camera movement. But it looks really good.. Good work!

01 January 2002, 10:36 PM
Nice stuff. You've only been using max for 6 months, but how long have you been doing 3d? It doesn't look like only 6 months...

Ships looked cool, the scenery looked good when the camera was moving, not as good, but still nice in the still-shots. Camera movement needs more work. The fx were pretty nice, I really like the smoke when they enter the atmosphere. Look at manga and anime for more extravagant explosions and beam effects :)

Staffan: what's the point of posting if we don't whine about the things that need polishing?

01 January 2002, 11:53 PM
i play with max more than a year and i cant do nothing like that,
great work.. but yes needs always some refinements.. is not realistic for sure.. but is really cool

01 January 2002, 04:51 AM
Great work Howard, you've got potential. As Innervortex, i used max for a year and can't come up with something this good yet.
Bravo. :)

01 January 2002, 05:24 AM
I must say that I like ur anim very much! I don't care about the realism it's the mood & the style I like. I also visit ur site and I like ur kind of ditailed work. G/J

btw: Yes I "like" many things ;)


01 January 2002, 05:39 AM
Just watched the animation. I thought it was great! Like the person mentioned above, you definately have potential and I can't wait to see further work from you!

Noticeable things that I would criticize would be the environment and the way it is textured - it looks somewhat flat as if it was just one big texture plastered onto the environment objects.

Oh, I do however really enjoy the ship designs. Really reminds me of the game Homeworld.

There are definately improvements that can be made, but it's totally a great start =)

Keep up the great work,


01 January 2002, 05:09 PM
Hey Howard just seen it.

First Great Server (FAST).

I just wanted to say GREAT JOB. Yeah there is alot of Space scenes but I feel that the bar is raised so high on them now because we see them so much and the movie industry have definately set a standard and it gets better all the time. So Creating a space scene that holds ones a attention these days is good.

I like your glows(ie engines, sparks and lasers) .

The Particles of enterin the atmosphere from the space view and planet view I like alot.

Ship Design was good.

Photorealistic is what we all are after Even though your Jungle doesn't look 100% realistic it looks Great and it has an artistic style I like about it.

The animation suffered a littlewhen the enemy ship turned in the canyon I felt it moved unrealisticly (or maybe the technology lends itself to do that I don't know the the technology of your ship)

I Like it VERY Much.

Keep up the Good work. You have great potentail.


01 January 2002, 11:53 AM
Its nice, and the jungle is cirtenly unique - which gives you an edge. Oh and some music that suits the theme should help it.

Congrats - and remember that Puggle Bra is coming!

01 January 2002, 02:07 PM
The special effects are very good for max !!! Very good.. i'm wondering how u made the ship appear behind the other 2. with a raytrace bubble or something????

And the green explosions, where those already planted as particle systems in the mountains or not?

Could u awnser these questions please?? If not in public maybe private msg?


01 January 2002, 06:48 PM
Originally posted by Staffan Norling
You guy's whine too much....You knew that my buddy Howard Day have been using Max for a few mounths only??

nobody whines here it's all just critique (and not only bad critique) which can only be good for a movie I think.

Howard Day
01 January 2002, 07:36 PM
Thanks all for the comments! I really appreciate you guys taking the time to do so.
Anyhow, sorry I haven't been around much - really busy with some freelance work.

urgaffel: About 7 years. I started out with PovRay.

Error323: The ship's de-cloaking sequence was pretty easy, actually. You're right - it is a sphere with a raytrace material applied to it. Allbeit at a low resolution, and high blur.

As for the exploding bolts, those were not allready planted in the canyonside. Everytime the fighters fired, they fired *two* bolts - one that you saw, and the other that was smaller and blossomed into an explosion on contact with the wall. I used particle spawns to achive this. The main bolt died on impact. Quite simple, really.

JoBbE: Don't beat up on Staffan. :) He's quite a talented artist by his own rights. He's just a little protective (like the rest of the SciFi-Arts crew), that's all. Love them for it.

01 January 2002, 07:59 PM
Your the man! :)

01 January 2002, 08:12 PM
How did u let it explode on the wall then??? (sorry for the questions but i just think it's very nice done) With deflectors ??? or do u have something to let it explode on mesh objects... or did u just time it right??

:: Error

01 January 2002, 09:54 PM
Hi there,

Couldnīt watch the film - my server here at home is soooo sloooow.....

...but I visited your page, and the stills are great! :D

Beautiful images and ship design - and I also loved the color choice on the scenes.

Good work!!;)

infinity x
01 January 2002, 01:20 AM
I have to say that this is an awesome animation.. Nice concept, and like the other members have said i can't wait to see what you can do later on... Keep up the EXCELLENT work... great explosions for using max also

el gatto
01 January 2002, 02:05 AM
Hi Howard, sorry I didn't reply to your question before ...., when I say it doesn't look really realistic I'm talking about the environment the trees the ground , I think it looks more like game stuff, wich is not bad, but when the camera gets further it get's better (more realistic).... good work :)


01 January 2002, 02:45 AM
personally, i don't think there will ever be enough images or movies of stuff going on in space until i go there myself. i really enjoyed the transition from the space dog fight to the planet dog fight. nice! unfortunately my machine can't quite handle the parts with lots going on like the atmospheric burn up and some of the explosions.

do you have a smaller version of this animation? i would really appreciate it.

01 January 2002, 07:03 AM
Originally posted by Howard Day
JoBbE: Don't beat up on Staffan. :) He's quite a talented artist by his own rights. He's just a little protective (like the rest of the SciFi-Arts crew), that's all. Love them for it.

well, ok ;)

01 January 2002, 08:58 AM
I just want to confirm that I really like the little movie. And just as a bunch of other guys in here, after playing with max for a year, I'm not near your work.... Yet! :)

Keep it up, I guess you posted the movie to know what parts to enhance! ;)

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