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05 May 2008, 03:13 PM
Hi folks,

I've developed a little python script which scans a scene file for objects of a group and uses their animation as input for a new scene file with the same group and items.

This comes very handy if you want to transfer animation of all items of a group from one scene to another but don't want to load messiah and save animation clips and stuff.

This is a Beta-Version and it has no user interface yet. This will come in the near future. You can download the script and use Python from ( to run it. Just edit the static variables at the beginning of the script. No scene files will be changed (!) but a new file will be created with the new scene and the animation of the old scene.
Please try it, I'm always happy to get some feedback.

And I would'nt post it yet if I don't have some questions:

Does someone know where I could get the syntax of the messiah scene file from? I mean its pretty easy just to copy the keyframes from one file to another, but when it comes to deleting objects or adding new ones I don't know the exact way to do it.
Is it actually the right way to do it? In other software packages like Maya I would use the batch file to run a process and use the sofware script language to assemble my scene. Is that possible in Messiah as well?

Thanks for any feedback!


05 May 2008, 08:48 AM
Thank you! I actually found it very useful as I had to copy animations from different files to fixed rig and deadline is pretty tight. Much better than going throuh motionclip route. Feature suggestion: in/out of range we want to copy and leaving keys outside that range untouched. Great work, thumbs up.

05 May 2008, 02:31 PM
One of the missing links in the SDK for doing this internally up to now has actually been a function for loading objects (there is one for deletion), however I can confirm that Fori has fixed this in the beta, so it should be possible to make an internally working version soon enough.

There's no description file for the messiah scene file syntax that I know of, but many of us that have made plugins have just figured out the bits we need for whatever we're doing currently. Let's put up an article in the wiki where we can collaborate on making such a document so that everyone who needs it can have a place to start instead of re-discovering the wheel. I know that this type of motion transfer tool has been made several times by different people internally in productions but because of more closed environments they have never surfaced to the general public which is a bit of a shame. Thanks a lot for sharing yours!

A good way of figuring out the format for fxs is by using winmerge ( to compare scenefiles.

Edit: I've now added a section in the wiki and started by explaining the motion part by stitching together some things peksi, MarkInTX and I wrote in a thread earlier:

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