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05 May 2008, 09:51 AM
I have recently purchased a Painter 7 for Mac (I have got Painter 8, IX and X licenses but I love that version and it cost just a few dollars in Ebay!) and I would like import my Windows brushes libraries, custom pallettes, etc from my PC Painter 7. Importing does not seem to work and I am wondering if it is really possible and how, in that case.

Well, Painter 7 is the only and lonely application which Windows version I prefer by far to its Mac counterpart in terms of feel and look (clumsy Aqua GUI vs. a very readable and discreete Windows layout) and performance (perhaps just under Intel, OK, I know itīs not Corelīs fault) but I prefer Mac platform to Win so having my largely worked out custom stuff working in my "new" Mac Painter 7 would be soooo perfect.
Thank you! :)


Argh! I cannot paint with my Wacom in Painter 7 under Tiger /Intel Macbook Pro anyway, just noticed it.
The tablet and pen work fine in all other Painter versions. But even when I see the brush shape on the monitor in Painter 7 it won't make a mark on the canvas:(

Painter 7 should work fine in Intel Macs, as it is a Carbon/PowerPC program( does not require classic). I have similar PPC apps installed like Expression or Photoshop and my Wacom works perfectly with Rossetta. Oh, well.

Edit 2:
It looks like a Wacom-Painter-Tiger issue. Painter 7 wacom pressure does not work in my Powerbook g4 as well. Doh!

By the way upgrade is not a solution. I do have Painter 8, IX.5 and X. I would like to use my Painter 7 , thatīs all. ;)

05 May 2008, 02:02 PM
Oh well. :)
I have installed Painter 7 as root user, installed Painter 7.1 upgrade and downgraded Wacom drivers to 4.9-6-3 and it works fine.
I couldnīt tell which one fixed it but probably it was just the update

The Painter 7 Update now provides tablet support for Mac
OS X users. In order for the tablet support to be functional, please make sure you have the
Wacom USB Tablet
New Features
1. Tablet Support for Mac OS X:

Silly me

Hope it helps.

Iīm still looking for an answer to the import custom stuff from the pc thang. :)

05 May 2008, 12:35 AM
To use Painter 7 brush libraries in Painter 7, just install them in the same location on your new computer and they should work just fine.

Import command is used to import (and convert) pre-Painter 7 (single file) brush libraries to folders and files for use in Painter 7 through Painter X.1.

You won't be able to use brush libraries created in Painter versions 8 through X.1 in Painter 7 as they are not backward compatible for use in earlier Painter versions.


05 May 2008, 03:09 PM
Yes, I know, Jinny: no problem regarding to bring my actual Win Painter 7 brush libraries. What actually I cannot do is to import these old .brs, and stuff like .pap .pal files . I guess they are Windows files and there is nothing I could do to use them in my Mac Painter 7.

Luckily Iīm able to bring my papers and patterns one by one using the movers but cannot find a way to recover my custom pallettes. I will have to do it by hand.
Thank you very much, anyway! :)

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