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05 May 2008, 11:42 AM
Hi, we're using XSI (first project as major app in our pipeline) and collada files here at the studio and we're having some issues concerning crosswalk/collada exporter, so here's the catch:

every time we export animated characters and open the resulting .dae file in the text editor, the bones from the character rig should be described as "joints" and not the "nodes" we're getting at the moment.

After some googling around we got here - and we did a small test with a cube + bone chain and if we add type="JOINT" to the <node id="bone"> camp - <node id="bone" type="JOINT"> we get the result we want.

It resolves if we're dealing with a small rig hierarchy but if we're talking about a bunch of characters with some sets of bones it gets complicated as we have to edit every collada file we export.

Did anyone stomped into this before? is there some kind of turnaround?

...meanwhile, it's also part of the same problem but we just notice that everytime we export and import back again into XSI a chain of bones using collada (crosswalk), XSI doesn't understand the result! doesn't make any sense, already used other softwares with collada in the pipeline and I never had this kind of issue before... First of all, - if we select the nodes we want to export (using LMB) and export/import, the hierarchy no longer exists, - if we branch select the nodes and export/import, the hierarchy seems to be ok (shows in the schematic) but for some reason the connections between nodes don't seem to be working, the child nodes don't follow the parents anymore! Doesn't seem like crosswalk is working as it's supposed to be! If we're working with animated models we get a complete mess in the end...

Another thing is that everytime we export/import a node back again into XSI, visually we get a "null node icon" instead of the generic "bone node icon" and I still didn't figure out if it's possible to change it back to what it was before, changing the display mode doesn't resolve...

One last thing, the chain concept behind the creation of a skeleton on XSI, for every bone chain created there's a root and an effector... this has also become an issue... for instance, I've a character rig with 52 bones but the total number of nodes that consist the hierarchy is of 98 (Bone + Root + Effector nodes) and since we're using collada, everytime we try to export the enveloped character since we can't export the character + selected nodes (don't know way, doesn't export any kind of animation, rig...), we always end up on exporting everything there's in the hierarchy, including root + effector nodes. I want to know if it's possible to export using collada, only the bone nodes without those extra roots + effector nodes, or else, since we're exporting every nodes there is, to the game engine, we get a significant increase of nodes per character and I think there's no need for that... For instance, it would "cost" less (concerning the game engine) to draw a skeleton exported from maya or max than one exported from XSI.

Anyone working in the field and currently using also XSI/collada in the pipeline?

Sadly, cause it's being fun working with XSI... but if I don't get this issue resolved anytime soon we'll be forced to change to another 3D package, at least for animators, since this is strongly messing up our project calendar and consequently our milestones.

Thanks in advance and sorry for the long post...

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05 May 2008, 11:42 AM
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