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05 May 2003, 08:33 PM
hi there,

i've been working for some time on my own autorigger. i'm coming closer to the final stages but have little experience in as what could be described as easy "installation" or "deployment" of the scripts.

i'm using a couple of maya scenes that i import, as well as icons, and scenes that i export. since i'm not already working on the deployment i'm unsure what kinds of problems i'm goind to run into.
what i know for sure it; i don't want the user to copy any mel scripts around like it is typically the case with stuff you download from highend etc. so i need some kind of an installer that handles that. any suggestions for that?

right now i handle all my file references in my scripts through local or global variables (where necessary, like $baseLocation of files and so on. i don't have many of 'em).
is there an easier way to exchange data other than global vars? i know i could write my own node to store the data but i'm not sure i have enougth time left to dig in the api. i'm also aware i can exchange data between procs using the procedure head, obvisously. but that would make procedure definitions extremely large and i would have to drag data around and maybe eventually loose it. any hints on that?

any comments are appreciated!

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