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05 May 2008, 10:40 PM
I was doing this rigging tutorial from a book I recently purchased. I created a joint chain for the left leg, then I mirrored it for the right leg. I then created an IK handle from the top of the leg to the ankle.

After creating a Pole Vector Constraint, I created two IK Handles for the
foot. One from the ball (or middle) of the foot to the ankle, then one from the toes to the ball of the foot.

When I repeat this for the right (mirrored) leg, I noticed an issue with the orientation of the latter two IK Handles. If you look below at the pics, you will notice that the orientation of 'brown axis' for the IK handles on the right foot are different than that of the left foot.

This becomes a greater issue when I try to parent these IK handles to other objects (in the book I have, they are parent to a reverse foot hierarchy).

I have tried using a mirror function of 'Behavior' as well as 'Orientation', but as expected the problem still occurs. The only way I have found to prevent this is to create a completely new hierarchy for the right leg. However, this makes it much more difficult to maintain symmetry. I assume Mirror Joints should be the way to go, but apparently I am having some issues with it.

Does anybody know what I am doing wrong with the Mirror Joints command or have any advice? Thanks in advance for the help!

In case anybody is interested, I was using the book "Maya Character Modeling & Animation - Principles and Practices" by Tereza Flaxman. As a side note, I have not been all that impressed with it (if anyone cares).

05 May 2008, 03:19 PM
To me it looks like you have a lot of un-needed joints. For a reverse setup all you need really is some empty group nodes. Also if you setup your left leg and then mirror joints with behavior checked it should work fine. I would suggest removing those extra "Rerverse" joints, and replace them with group nodes in a hiearchy,and then positioning them where you want the heel, ball twist, toe, ball roll, and ankle, it'll keep it a little cleaner. I'll throw a quick setup on here for you in just a bit.

05 May 2008, 12:46 AM
Hmmm...interesting, XminusOne. I'd definitely be interested in seeing an example of this - sounds like it could kill two birds with one stone (solve the orientation issue and simplify my rig).

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05 May 2008, 12:46 AM
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