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05-07-2008, 06:41 PM

05-07-2008, 06:56 PM
Ordered. Thanks for the heads up! I'm sure you only posted after getting one for yourself, eh? ;)

05-07-2008, 07:02 PM
I actually ordered more than one. ;)

Lone Deranger
05-07-2008, 08:47 PM
Had this for a few years already (it's a re-print of the hardcover which in itself was a republished edition of the original cinefex article). Unlike the boring CGI based stories of today's Cinefex publications it's a great read and well worth getting.

05-07-2008, 09:04 PM
Wow, thank you so much for this find!, just ordered mine.:cool:

Blade Runner is one of my favorite films, I am sure this is worth buying.

Thanks again :beer:



05-07-2008, 09:30 PM
I had a soft cover version with syd's concept art in it. If the hard version is anything like it its worth the investment.

05-08-2008, 08:33 AM
I had it for about a week, then the girl that i let borrow it decided to stop talking to me, so i guess i have to reorder it now :(
It is a nice book, there are some really nice tidbits about oldschool VFX like how they used diesel vapor to make the atmosphere for the Tyrel Ziggurat shot.

05-10-2008, 11:49 AM
It's a great book. Actually, it's a hardcover version of an old Cinefex special issue, the one with the classic Spinner model picture at the cover.

If you guys are into Blade Runner, you probably will enjoy this book too (I did!) -

Future Noir: The Making of Blade Runner (


05-10-2008, 08:49 PM
Yeah, this should go into the General Discussion forum and not News. The hardcover is from 2000 :-P. The softcover and hardcover are exactly the same and the softcover has been on sale at the Cinefex website for a few years now. Highly recommended.

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