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05 May 2008, 07:52 PM
CA is probably coming. We don't know when. Right now, you can import .mdd to get animation sequence into Modo. What other import formats would work for loading animation into Modo? Lightwave? FBX? Collada?

Anyone interested in a Poser/Modo pipeline for animation? A sharp programmer could make money with this.

Poser has a vast userbase and more and more are licensing Modo.
Poser has an enormous content database.
Poser has dynamic cloth and hair.
Modo has a great render engine.
Modo has a network renderfarm on board thanks to Apple (
Modo has great -- but limited -- animation feature set
Modo has a pent-up demand for CA (character animation) in its user base
Modo can read a series of animation frame files in .mdd format
Modo can possibly read a series of animation frame files in LightWave, FBX or PointOven format
So, if poser could export an animation, including dynamic cloth, in one of these formats...or if Modo could read a saved Poser scene or one of its export formats.....
From the Modo 301 feature list:
File I/O SDK: New API for creating plug-ins in C or C++ that import or export modo scene and image data to and from other formats.

So any C++ people can you write a Poser animation to Modo import application?

You'd sell some, for sure. I'd think there is a market niche for a smooth Poser to Modo plugin. Modo may not have CA for quite a while, so you can't animate bones/rig/transformation in Modo. (you CAN animate morphs in Modo)

Note: Modo/PoserPro bundle is currently available but it is only a $100 savings off list for current Poser7 licensees.

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05 May 2008, 07:52 PM
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