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05 May 2003, 02:38 PM
I am trying to make a mask out of a grayscale image so that the lighter values in the image are more transparent . I've tried to do this but it seems like Photoshop doesn't convert grayscale images to masks. Perhaps I am overlooking something. I looked in the help file and there is a way to create gradient masks, so there should be a way to take any grayscale image and make it a mask. Any suggestions?

05 May 2003, 04:03 PM
There are several ways to do this, but here's one of them.

Select the greyscale image (just Select All), and copy it.

In the image you want the mask in go to the channel pallete and add a new channel, now paste your copied greyscale image into the channel.

Now either hold CTRL (or option on a Mac I guess) and click the channel - it should turn the channel into a selection you can then use in your layers pallete. Failing that, you could try clicking the "load channel as selection" button at the bottom of the channels pallete.

An alternative method is to copy your greyscale into the layers pallete, right at the top so it's in front of all the other layers. Then go to the channels pallete, hold CTRL again, and click the channel right at the top of the list (RGB, or CMYK or whatever, depending on the image mode). This will load the composited layers as a selection, in this case just the greyscale. Now go back to the layers pallete and hide the greyscale layer and you're all set with your selection.

There are other ways too, but those always do me fine.

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