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05 May 2008, 07:23 PM
Iīm a newbie in Fusion but I have worked a lot of years with AE. Now I took a Dv-Clip 16:9 (PAL, 884 Frames long) connected a CC Toner and Trapcode Starglow (both default settings)

Render Preview TL:
- AE 35 sec
- Fusion 17 sec

So far so good...

Final Rendering (Export) to DV-Avi:
- AE 24 sec
- Fusion more than 4 minutes (Microsoft-DV 4.19, Canopus-DV 4. 02)???

Whatīs wrong with the final rendering? Is it normal that Fusion takes so much longer time in final rendering?

05 May 2008, 10:10 AM
Hi Uwe,
I am not sure, but it seems that the dv compression takes some rendertime.
Try to render to an uncompressed image sequence or at least avi, mov uncompressed.
I never render out dv stuff out of Fusion.
Hope that helps.

05 May 2008, 11:24 AM
Hi neogeo

the world becomes allways smaller :).

So, I think I solved the problem a little bit. First, the reason for the huge amount of time exporting to "DV-AVI" => I used the wrong codec. Because Microsoft DV donīt appear in the list of codecs in Fusion (anybody knows the reason?) I used "Microsoft Video 1". Obviously thatīs not the right codec.

After I realized that I made some new tests. First with their own effects:

- Brightness/Contrast tga to tga
Fusion 2m26sec
AE 4m17sec

- Curves tga to tga
Fusion 2m22sec
AE 4m8sec

than AE-Plugin Sapphire HSB Hue-shift 0,50 tga to tga
- Fusion 2m22sec
- AE 4m20 sec

Ae-Plugin CC Toner all reds down to cero tga to tga
- Fusion 1m56sec
- AE 2m32 sec

than the same but tga to Dv-AVI (Canopus DV)
- Fusion 1m57sec
- AE 2m14sec

last but not least DV-AVI to DV-AVI => Sapphire HSB 0,50 Hue-shift
- Fusion 1m1sec
- AE 42sec

There seems to be no doubt that Fusion is a lot more faster than AE if one takes tga to tga. If only 1 part is a DV-AVI it slows down but it is still faster - even with AE-Pugins such as Sapphire and Cycore. But if the sourse is a DV-AVI and the target also Fusion loose it advance in speed. Than AE is the winner. OK, I took the AE-Plugins for the last test....

For me it was important, that the AE-Plugins are not the main reason for slowing down the render perfomance...

05 May 2008, 11:43 AM
Glad that you solved it. By the way the MS DV Codec exists only in AE and Premiere Pro.
Outside of these applications there is no dv codec available by default. You have to install a 3rd party codec like canopus or matrox. These vendors also provide software only codecs, so you do not have to buy a videocard.

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05 May 2008, 11:43 AM
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