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05 May 2003, 02:55 AM
OK you guys :beer: (http://)


The main feature that didn't make it was Cessen's new shading code... just too much work to get it integrated in time. Also the translations themselves are not ready yet. We are preparing a standard template for people to use as a basis, this (plus instructions) will be posted here in 1-2 weeks.

Anyway, the list of new stuff is more than impressive:

All platforms:

- International Language support for the Blender interface. A translation system for tooltips, buttons and menus, with support for non-latin character sets.
- User definable (antialiased) fonts for the interface. (Freetype)
- A restyled userpreferences menu, which adds more space for all the new buttons.
- Autoskinning for Armatures, when parenting a Mesh to an Armature it gives a menu.
- In editmode, selected vertices can be merged with Alt-MKEY. The merge option is also added to the WKEY menu.
- Shadowbuffers now can have any size. (with number-button)
- Hotkeys are added for subsurfing objects. Shift-OKEY toggles subsurf mode for an object and Ctrl-ONEKEY to Ctrl-FOURKEY will set the subsurf division with the keyboard.
- Freetype2 support added for importing almost every font format for a 3D text object.
- Pressing Alt-MKEY in the texteditor window generates a 3D text from the current textfile. (up to 1000 characters)
- The texteditor window is enhanced with a rightmouse menu for opening and saving files.
- The windowtype button has been redesigned, it now displays a textual description
- A small button has been added that toggles the visibility of the pulldown menu titles.
- Rename/delete menu's are added to the file and image browsers. Try NKEY and RKEY/XKEY.

Win32 and OSX:
- Support for Quicktime has been added. Quicktime can be used to import (gif, tiff, psd) images and movies as textures, and allows you to render animations to the Quicktime movie format. (.mov)
- Please note! The selected Quicktime codec does *not* get saved in the blendfile. Each time you startup Blender you have to (re)select the codec from the codec dialog. Background rendering is possible, it displays a codec dialog first when you start a render process. And on OSX Blender freezes when you press the "Options" button in the codec dialog !!
- The rendermenu now shows which codec is selected for rendering.

Win32 only:
- New application and installer icons.
- Clipboard support to copy/paste text from and to the texteditor. Try with Alt-Shift-CKEY and Alt-Shift-VKEY.
- A button has been added to the top header which allows runtime switching between windowed and fullscreen mode. Hotkeys for switching are Alt-DOWNARROWKEY for windowed and Alt-UPARROWKEY for fullscreen mode. Commandline options -w/-W for the two modes are also available.
- During animation playback, the framenumber gets displayed in the animwindow header.
- (Experimental) A button has been added which allows you to list all available codecs in the avi codec dialog, instead of listing only certified codecs.

- All Dutch comments have been translated to English.

Check the bug tracker for a complete listing:

A shortlist:
- Lattices deform correctly again
- Plugins for Windows work again
- OpenGL context bug in GHOST. Fixes crashes in combination with Linux drivers, the r200 DRI most notably.

Still Not working:
- FaceSelect mode in OSX causes bad redrawing of the backbuffer (it flashes)
- The Blender210 Python API. The only API which is available in 2.27 is the one that was used in 2.25
- New build system using configure (this is partially working but needs more work)
- Physics support in the game engine

05 May 2003, 04:12 AM
Great news!!!

Thanks :applause:

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