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05 May 2003, 07:07 PM
I've used photoshop and it's fine and dandy for creating photo galleries but this becomes sort of difficult for large galleries that consist of more than four or five pages of thumbnails. I'm not quite satisfied with their navigation system which does not display quick links to jump to separate pages in the gallery (ie, jump to page 5 or 6 of 100 pages)... does anyone have any automation software that can do this?

05 May 2003, 10:59 PM
Just wanted to let you know that YOU can customize the basic html template used for that function. And... you can also create custom graphics for the page design too. Just put them into the default folder where the template page resides.
You can pretty much make your default template page look/function however you want.

Checkout the HELP! files for specific on what you need to do for this. It's all there. :)

05 May 2003, 11:52 PM
I've seen that ... but I'm confused on how to insert a section such that allows the user to jump links .... I mean, currently, it only allows me to go forward one page or back one page or home to the thumbnails ... what if I want to jump to thumnbail gallery 6 from gallery 2 or jump from image 9 from image 1.... I dunno how to get that into photoshop and I don't know how to force photoshop to assign the links accordingly.

05 May 2003, 02:25 AM
mmm... ya.... that's not possible to do from within PS. It's not capable of being THAT explicit... yet.

What i meant was you'd edit the html files created by PS, so that they'd include the 'extended' menu.

It wouldn't be a tough as it may appear either.
Create the extended text link menu for as many pages as you need, then do a batch "search and replace" for each individual page you created. Any basic html editor app can do this type of function.

05 May 2003, 06:45 AM
but damn, I'm too lazy... *sigh*

tis okay, i can have them pay me extra to do it. :beer:

05 May 2003, 01:05 PM
That's the spirit! :bounce: :applause:

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