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05 May 2003, 03:48 PM
Hello all,

Ok, here is the problem, and i hope my problem will sole someones elses problems also, as i will explain some processes on setting up the scene.

Lets say for the sake of simplicity, we want to render a sphere on the road, at a suny day.

We make a plane put our sphere on it. We make another sphere that will represent the, lets call it, earths atmosphere, so we scale it alot, so its realy alot bigger then our little sphere on the road.
We create a light, sunlight, and move it away from our little sphere, someware near atmosphere. Now that light has to have cone angle at 80-90 for example, because its representing our sun. To create caustics, duplicate that light and deselect Difuse, and cast some photons out of it, now important thing is to look trough that light and adjust cone angle to fit only our little sphere, so photons dont get wasted for nothing.
Now we create a shader, lambert, and make Incadescense a light blue colour, sky colour actualy and attach it to the big sphere, atmosphere one. Turn on caustics, and FG.

Now, if all the parametars are set correctly, photons, light intensity, energy, we should have a nice ball on the road (read plane :) )

My problem is, is that the correct setting for the skylight, as i have been told by someone that the big sphere will ruin the reality, reflections, of that scene. Is that true? Is there any other way to simulate sky/sun light? I am dooing something wrong maybe or i didnt understand something corectly? My renderings look realy good (ill post someting later) but that someone is telling me "it may look ok, but its not correct/real.

Can someone here explain, am i wrong, or is he wrong?

thx alot people !


05 May 2003, 08:00 AM
Can someone please explain....

Maybe i didnt explain it very well, i hope someone understands.

05 May 2003, 09:08 PM
Actually you have to use 2 spheres for your atmosphere One of them has to be invisible and it should be used for the FG the other one just use it as sky enviroment just as you wrote earlier.
To be more sure about it there are a few good tutorials on the net about this topic!
check this
I hope I helped a little!

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