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04 April 2008, 01:17 AM
I just upgraded to Maya 2008 ext.2 on a mac. I brought a maya project in from an earlier version, but all my grass strokes were not in the correct place, they were all moved closer to each other. So I deleted them and started over and made some great grass and field grass, I then went to a separate render layer, that only had the ground, changed some textures around, saved it, and then went back to the master layer, and all my new paintfx grass was gone. My paint fx trees are still there and never had any issue. I still have the strokes in my outliner, when i go to focus the camera on them, the camera translates into the 100 millions and i see nothing at all? I dont know what to do, I can get the attributes of the strokes, mostly, some size issues arent being copied over, but I dont want to have to keep redoing this not knowing if they are just going to eventually disappear again.
all the strokes settings look fine. All my layers are turned on and i have restarted the app and computer. any ideas? Thanks.

I would really like to get my previous strokes back in the right place and visible.

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04 April 2008, 01:17 AM
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