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05 May 2003, 11:56 AM
Whats going on LW's. Just wanted to say that this forum rox and this Lightwave section is a huge help!

Ok my problem is that modeling objects does not come easy to me. I am a young'n to Lightwave but have used 3ds for a bit. The basic tools of Lightwave I do understand in a certain amount of depth but modeling just comes extremly hard to me.

For Example:
Modeling a head. What would I use and what tools will I need. Please could any of you just get me goin where I need to be. I love cg work and need to add 3d to my skills. :cool:

thanks in advance for your time :beer:

05 May 2003, 12:05 PM

There's a few tutorials, even a video tutorial for download.

05 May 2003, 01:28 PM
there are 2 main methods for organic modelling

1) detail out method,
in wich u use mainly
the create poligon tool, first create 4 points
in an ortho's view, select them in clockwise
order and hit p and create polygons.

u have to start from particulars of the model., then attach pieces with other polys.

use always 4 points polys.

tere are also plugins so that u have not to select points in the exact order, however the best is selecting them manually.

if some poly appears flipped (his normal is inverted)
then u have the Align tool.

to make polys there is also the pen tool.

lets say u start from one eye, then there is extender tool
so that u can select some point and create polygons from that,
actually "extending" your mesh. and working with points to fit to your reference photo or drawing.

to attach pieces togeter, weld or merge points and that's all.

convert the mesh in sub-d (tab) from time to time so u see the results. u can model a half of your head and then mirror it.
merge points at the center line!!

for inward things like lips and nostrils u use smooth shift tool.
and u can use bandsaw plugin to increase the subdivision of round regions lihe that around the eyes. and mouth.

2) box method

u can start from a box and start to smooth shift forms from that and moving also some points. with this method u have to use also stretch with different modes of application( centrer mouse, center selection, etc.), and size to modify polys and drag to move points,
u can use the simmetry ( center the box with F2 after created, so no mirroring need.what u do in one side happens also in the other side.
u have to use also spin quads with this method, to make the polys edges flow exactly with the form.

the 1 is not difficult, only a bit long, but powerfull and good for
organic and complex forms

the 2 is more diffcult, but more rapid. i've seen Taron
modelling with this method and:drool:

hope this helps.

05 May 2003, 04:43 PM

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