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04 April 2008, 03:58 PM
Im going to be a senior next year in computer animation at Ringling College. I'll be doing a 2 minute short with 2 characters, and one has lots of fur....Ive never done anything with fur, so it was probably a bad choice. But I really wanted to go way out on visuals for this and I think I can manage if I have some help from Renderman and Maya users! Just to fill you in on what we'll be using: maya 8.5 with all the extensions, with Renderman 2.0, as well as the renderfarm. We cant use any side softwares like Shave and a haircut unfortunately :cry:. I have used it and I really liked it because it was easy to learn but we just cant use it at school because its not supported on the farm. Ok so heres the character design:

Link to image (

To keep it short, the character was based on a force fitting assignment we did for a drawing for animators class. Sadly the tail wont be in the final piece because it was confusing for some reason.....cuz he's half rabbit / ocelot and I guess they had rather him be a rabbit...Ok. So with fur I have no idea where to start. Does anyone know any great tutorials for using fur with maya? Combing, shaping, lengths, texturing, dynamics, etc. This character as seen in the photo, has some areas where the hair is shorter then some, like on the cheeks and some longer like on the body. So if anyone knows of any great tutorials or videos that would be great. Ive seen the advertisement for Digital Tutors hair for a furby...but thats really simple and im not sure if that will do me any good.
The next thing I need to learn about is how to render fur to look really believable. Im not looking for it to be photo realistic. But very much like Remy's fur in Ratatouille.

remy's fur (

I saw this page from the Pixar's Renderman site:

Page (

and I found interest in the last image, specifically the look and renders of the 2 on the left side of the image, the green grass, and the orange fur. Does anyone know of a way to render out fur to look like Remy's fur, and the green grass? both have different looks and im very interested in both.

I know what im looking for might be really in depth, but I have the summer to learn all this so I have some time, plus i have 4 years of experience with maya (just never with dynamics...). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Im going to need all the help I can get with this. Im sorry this is so long, I just wanted to explain everything I can to avoid any questions that I could have explained in the first post. Thanks everyone in advance!


I was working on some shading notes for myself on how I wanted the fur to look:

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04 April 2008, 03:58 PM
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