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04 April 2008, 10:35 AM
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• I want to make a scene that resembles a snapshot taken of that particular time and space; I don’t want to overdo it to the point that it becomes a lineup of every futuristic thing imaginable stuffed into a scene – I want to have a realistic feel.
• I’m going with a street scene, in what I think a futuristic megapolis would look like. This scene would be set on a planet with dense population and a more sophisticated culture than sparsely-populated [aka rural] planets.
• The characters that make up the scene will be a sample of what’s ordinary [imho] for that time and space. There will be more humans, some uplifted species, maybe some artificial intelligence and pets.
• Human physique will be mostly younger looking people, and more physically appealing – I think it’s safe to say that’s the road evolution and aesthetically pleasing genetic enhancements will go.
Muscles will be larger and more defined, body part augmentation will probably be applied though permanent|temporary genetic manipulation, racial traits will be blended into themselves, and some skeletons might be altered altogether [btw, there are some Japanese girls these days who look exactly like manga characters – I even know of a uni student in my neighborhood who has those skeletal proportions … who can say where that’s going to go?]
• Piercings, tattoos, and implants will most definitely be enhanced – my scene will have some holographic implants, skeletal implants, telecommunications implants, and maybe ink nanobot implants in the skin that can change form and color [though that will be hard to draw in a still frame, ahahaha].
• Transportation will be via air, so streets will leave more room for pedestrians
• I might also make references of some sports which I think will last to that day [probably basketball, ahahaha]..

• Material that I’m uploading today will be scans of faces and clothing in my character-building phase sketches.

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