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04 April 2008, 10:05 PM
For one reason or another, my utility render nodes like to disapear in the hypergraph, I don't know how to locate them otherwise. So if create a node, deselect it and reframe the hypergraph, it is gone. It seems like if it is not connected to anything, then it will dissapear when the screen refreshes.

04 April 2008, 11:26 AM
Hi, I know what you mean. This is a tool I wrote to ease that problem...

global proc amb_createNodeUI() {
if (` window -q -ex amb_createNode_UI` == 1) { deleteUI amb_createNode_UI; }

string $amb_scrollSel[];

window -t "Utility nodes" -s 0 amb_createNode_UI;
formLayout amb_form;
tabLayout amb_tabLayout;
frameLayout -lv 0 amb_createLayout;
columnLayout -adj 1;
textScrollList -nr 16 amb_nodeList_ctrl;
textFieldButtonGrp -l "Name" -tx "" -bl "Create" -bc "amb_createNode(); amb_listNodes(0);" -cw3 50 147 22 amb_nodename_ctrl;
setParent ..;
setParent ..;

frameLayout -lv 0 amb_existLayout;
columnLayout -adj 1;
textScrollList -nr 16 -sc "$amb_scrollSel = ` textScrollList -q -si amb_exList_ctrl`; select -r $amb_scrollSel[0]; clear $amb_scrollSel;" amb_exList_ctrl;
button -l "Refresh" -c "amb_listNodes(1)";

formLayout -e -af amb_tabLayout "top" 0 -af amb_tabLayout "left" 0 -af amb_tabLayout "bottom" 0 -af amb_tabLayout "right" 0 amb_form;
tabLayout -e -tl amb_createLayout "Create" -tl amb_existLayout "Existing" amb_tabLayout;


window -e -wh 250 330 amb_createNode_UI;
showWindow amb_createNode_UI;

global proc amb_createNode() {
string $amb_nodetype[] = ` textScrollList -q -si amb_nodeList_ctrl`;
string $amb_nodename = ` textFieldButtonGrp -q -tx amb_nodename_ctrl`;

if ($amb_nodetype[0] != "") {
if ($amb_nodename == "") { $amb_nodename = ` createNode $amb_nodetype[0]`; } else { createNode -n $amb_nodename $amb_nodetype[0]; }
textFieldButtonGrp -e -tx "" amb_nodename_ctrl;
} else {
error "Node type not selected.\n";

clear $amb_nodetype;

global proc amb_listNodes(int $amb_mode) {
// add more to the end of this array if nessacary...
string $amb_nodeArray[] = { "condition", "multiplyDivide", "plusMinusAverage", "reverse", "distanceBetween", "samplerInfo", "vectorProduct", "frameCache", "motionPath" };

textScrollList -e -ra amb_nodeList_ctrl;
textScrollList -e -ra amb_exList_ctrl;

if ($amb_mode == 1) { tabLayout -e -sti 2 amb_tabLayout; }

for ($amb_item in $amb_nodeArray) {
textScrollList -e -a $amb_item amb_nodeList_ctrl;
$amb_allNodeList = ` ls -typ $amb_item`;
for ($amb_lsItem in $amb_allNodeList) { textScrollList -e -a $amb_lsItem amb_exList_ctrl; }

clear $amb_nodeArray;


Hope it helps.

04 April 2008, 11:41 AM
Or you could right click in the outliner and uncheck "Show DAG Objects Only". This will show all the nodes in the scene, including render nodes, and you can just select them there.

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04 April 2008, 11:41 AM
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