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SIGGRAPH Asia 2008: Call for Participation

Conference and Exhibition: Singapore, 10-13 December 2008


ACM SIGGRAPH invites you to contribute to the first annual SIGGRAPH Asia
conference. SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 seeks your participation as presenters and
contributors for the following programmes:

Technical Papers
The SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 Technical Papers Programme will continue the
tradition of excellence in computer graphics and interactive techniques
that SIGGRAPH is known for and extend this world-class experience to Asia.
We invite submissions of high-quality papers that will set the standard in
the field and stimulate future trends. Accepted papers will be presented
at SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 and published as a special issue of ACM Transactions
on Graphics.

The deadline for submission to the SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 Technical Papers
Programme is 28 May 2008. Find out more about the submission requirements
on our website
( and
submit your work(s) now.

Art Gallery
The Art Gallery welcomes submissions of printed, interactive, and
networked digital art in 2D, 3D, and 4D. The programme is especially (but
not exclusively) encouraging artists to submit works that deal with
transformations, fusions, intersections, and paradigm shifts from Asia.
The Art Gallery will facilitate an encounter with, and exchange between,
different fields to showcase "hybrid" works such as space art in zero
gravity, text-literature visualisation, and ubiquitous sounds.

The deadline for submission to the SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 Art Gallery is 20
June 2008. Submit your work(s) now.

Computer Animation Festival
The Computer Animation Festival includes two main components:

1. The official Competition Programme, which is a juried selection of "the
best of the best" amazing works that provide insight on current
international trends in computer-generated animation.

2. A special Curated Programme will showcase remarkable films, from
classics to experimental explorations of the latest technologies. This
special programme of short subjects and features presents an intriguing
collection of world-renowned animated works. Professionals, artists,
filmmakers, and researchers from throughout the world are invited to

Read about the submission requirements
( and submit
your work(s) for the Competition Programme by 20 June 2008.

The Courses Programme welcomes submissions that cover state-of-the-art
techniques in computer graphics and interactive interfaces including (but
not limited to) animation, computer-human interactivity, post-production,
entertainment, gaming, rendering, scientific visualisation, virtual
reality and programming hackery. We also welcome reports on recent
industrial advances and tutorials on skills and techniques for artists.

Information about the submission requirements is available on the website
( Submit
your course proposal by 19 May 2008.

Educators Programme
The aim of the Educators Programme is to create an environment that
supports innovation in the instruction of computer graphics and digital
art. Support the evolving integration of art and technology as embraced by
educators of all levels from early learning through higher education and
industry in all sub-disciplines of the field. Share ideas concerning
educational strategies as adopted in both industry and academia and help
make learning a more satisfying, productive, and meaningful process.

The deadline for submission to the SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 Educators Programme
is 6 June 2008. Take note of the submission requirements
( and visit the
submission website now for your proposal.

Emerging Technologies
This programme seeks creative and innovative projects in the fields of
virtual and mixed reality, haptic interfaces, ubiquitous systems, digital
tools, HD displays, robotics, and any other applications of new, exciting,
and amazing technologies.

The deadline for submission to the SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 Emerging
Technologies is 20 June 2008. Find more information on how you can submit
your work(s)

Sketches & Posters
SIGGRAPH Asia 2008's Sketches & Posters will cover a broad spectrum of
topics including digital art, design, science, and engineering. It
encompasses ideas ranging from speculation to academic research, from
industrial development and practical tools to behind-the-scenes
explanations of commercial and artistic work. Whether you are toying with
fuzzy what-if ideas, developing new techniques, or using existing ones in
novel ways, we want to hear from you! Be a part of this exciting exchange
of ideas and techniques!

Information about the submission requirements is available online
( Submit your
work to the SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 Sketches & Posters Programme by 12 July

Volunteer Opportunities
SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 also offers several Volunteer Opportunities for
students and professionals alike. Find more information about volunteering
at SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 on our website

Support SIGGRAPH Asia in engineering and maintaining the high-performance
network the conference and exhibition requires. Professionals and students
are encouraged to apply.

International Resources
Be part of our English Review Team! The English Review Service helps
submitters improve their written English. A team of native
English-speaking volunteers will read the proposed description of works
before the official submissions and provide suggestions to enhance the
legibility of the text (not content).

Student Volunteers
You are a student and interested in computer graphics and interactive
techniques? Join SIGGRAPH Asia 2008's elite support team.

XSV: Ex-Student Volunteers
Exceptional former SIGGRAPH Student Volunteers who are professionals now
are eligible to apply. Make the next step towards your future with

For Further Information contact SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 through the website
contact form ( or

SIGGRAPH Asia 2008
Conference and Exhibition Management
Tel: +65 6500.6700
Fax: +65 6296.2771
Email: (

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