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04 April 2008, 11:50 AM
I have written a script for batch importing fbx files and then saving max files and bip files.
Only problem I have is that when i run the script in freshly started max, it will crash until i reinstall it. Running it twice doesn't help. Only reinstalling helps.

Script is crashing on a function where i'm configuring fbx importer with error: >> MAXScript Rollout Handler Exception: -- Type error: Call needs function or class, got: undefined <<

and this is the line where the scripts ends: FbxImporterSetParam "Mode" "exmerge"

This is the script:

try(destroyDialog ImporterIzer)catch()
rollout ImporterIzer "ImporterIzer™" width:300 height:255
local ImportOn
local ImportPath
local ExportPath
local ImportFiles
local filename
Group "Files:"
Label LabImportOn "Import on:" across:3 align:#left
Group "Options:"
Label LabExportToExportSubfolder "Export files to Export sub-folder in Import folder:" across:2 align:#left
Group "Progress:"
ProgressBar ProgImportProgress "ProgressBar" color:[255,135,7]

fn ImportFbxSettings =
pluginManager.loadClass FBXIMP
FbxImporterSetParam "Mode" "exmerge" -- Import options
FbxImporterSetParam "Geometries" false -- whether to import geometries
FbxImporterSetParam "Skin" false -- whether to import scene's skin

on ButDoTheMagic pressed do
if ImportOn != undefined then
if (getFiles ImportOn).count != 0 then
if ImportPath != undefined then
if (getDirectories ImportPath).count != 0 then
if CheckExportToExportSubfolder.tristate != 2 or CheckExportToExportSubfolder.tristate == 2 and (getDirectories ExportPath).count != 0 then
ImportFiles = getFiles (ImportPath + "\\*.fbx" )
if ImportFiles.count > 0 then
for I=1 to ImportFiles.count do
loadMaxFile ImportOn useFileUnits:true quiet:true

filename = getFilenameFile ImportFiles[i]

if CheckExportToExportSubfolder.tristate == 1 then
MakeDir (ImportPath + "\\Export")
ExportPath = (ImportPath + "\\Export")
else if CheckExportToExportSubfolder.tristate == 0 then
ExportPath = ImportPath

importFile ImportFiles[I] #noPrompt using:importerPlugin.classes[5]

if CheckSaveBip.tristate == 1 then SaveBip()
if CheckResetPinePos.tristate == 1 then ResetPinePos()

saveMaxFile (ExportPath + "\\" + filename + ".max")

ProgImportProgress.value = 100.0*I/ImportFiles.count
Messagebox "Hey boss, the job is done!" title:"Terrible success!"
else messagebox "There are NO files to import in the specified Import folder" title:"Horrible error!"
else messagebox "Export path no longer exists" title:"Horrible error!"
else messagebox "Import path no longer exists" title:"Horrible error!"
else messagebox "Import folder was not specified" title:"Horrible error!"
else messagebox "Import on file no longer exists" title:"Horrible error!"
else messagebox "Import on file was not specified" title:"Horrible error!"

createdialog ImporterIzer

I have left out the parts of the code with "on button pressed do", if needed, I can post the whole script.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Some bad declaration?

Also, FbxImporterSetParam "YUpZUp" <bool> doesn't seem to work.


04 April 2008, 01:09 PM
I did face similar problems when using fbx, both import and export options.
It seems like you have the older version of the fbx plugin (FBX200611_1), which I found to be having trouble if initialized thro maxscript. It never used to set the flags like the ones you mentioned.

I think the new version of the fbx plugin (FBX200611_2) has these issues fixed, though I haven't tested them fully ..
Install the newer version of the fbx plugin appropriate for your max version, and things should be fine .. You can download it from the autodesk site here:


04 April 2008, 04:57 PM
Hi, thanks for the help.

In work i already tried the updated plugin (without knowing that it really should fix the problem), but it didn't work (32b max 9). Now at home I have read your post so i tried it again, this time on 64b max 2008 and it seems to work. Tomorrow when I get to work i will try to reinstall the updated plugin, maybe something went wrong there.


Too bad, seems that what I thought did work was only one of those cases when it worked because of specific constellation of stars :D ... so, unfortunately, it still doesn't work, even with the updated plugin. I think I'm doing something wrong in my script :sad:

04 April 2008, 12:15 PM
Hi, Seams to work fine here (Max2008)

maybe posting the complete script could help...

FbxImporterSetParam "YUpZUp" <bool>

try using:

FbxImporterSetParam "AxisConversion" true
FbxImporterSetParam "UpAxis" "Z"

04 April 2008, 04:55 PM

FbxImporterSetParam "YUpZUp" <bool> = FbxImporterSetParam "UpAxis" "Z"

I would never guessed that :( , will try this, but still I have that exception error.. I will post the script later.


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04 April 2008, 04:55 PM
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