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01 January 2002, 03:35 PM
Here is what was stated as the final rules for the Pascal Challenge

the final rules for this first challenge are

1) Male
2) thin and tall
3) Alien like
4) Big hands and feet
5) a tail
6) Pirate themed
7) A Prosthetic part
8) an item in hand, like weapon, magic item or spoon (?!)
9) friendly looking

10) wings optionnal (they can be organic or mechanic )

Challenge competion expires february the first.

2D drawings accepted , you'll have to make a model sheet (perspective view + detail views )

3D: just modelling an rigging, textures are a +
Render it from different point of view so we can see details, try maybe to render it with a cool pose.

In addition to this, if you're starting a new thread Please use this syntax

Challenge WIP: [yourname]

Much oblige,

in efforts of keeping the challenges in order