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04 April 2008, 03:27 PM
Alrighty, Good morning everyone.

I am currently trying to put together my demo reel with an audio track. The video, uncompressed avi, runs 1min 12 sec without audio included (runs fine, not slow like it does with audio included). The audio track runs 1 min 12 sec on its own as well. When I try putting the two together, the audio finishes at 1:12 but the video continues on... slowly. If I skip to a point in the track, say the end, the audio and video seem to be synced.

I have tried outputting this from combustion and from virtual dub, both produce the same problem, so i think there's a compression setting or issue that I need to be looking at. There is an audio interleaving (i think that's what it's called, it isn't in front of me right now, so I'm guessing) option, which i believe is supposed to sync up the video every "#" seconds or miliseconds. That option was left at seconds, also tried unchecking it.

This only seems to effect avi file types and compression. When I output to quicktime, it seems fine, so far (I need to check that again next). I've tried it with divx, xvid, huffyuv and some basic ones (windows media 1 or something... the video ended up looking pretty bad so I don't want to use them)

The video is 29.9 frames per second at all stages, so the frame rate is not being changed.

So, any thoughts? Anyone ever run into this problem before?


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04 April 2008, 03:27 PM
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