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04 April 2008, 06:51 AM
Hello everyone,

My name is Sam Lu and I would like to share my Character Animation Reel.

You can check it out at ( .

Please let me know what you think. I appreciate your time and critiques.

Thank you.

04 April 2008, 03:56 AM
Sam I think you've done a great job and should be very proud. You have come a long way. I love the mood of your reel, I cant help but smile when I watch it. Keep practicing because your only gonna get better. :)

04 April 2008, 04:14 AM
Hey, it looks pretty good! I have to mention, though, that the jumps (dog and gymnast) seemed a little light. I think a little more exaggeration in the landing or takeoff might help.

I really liked the acting in the second scene, too. The boy looks pretty nervous. :)

04 April 2008, 07:46 AM
Fantastic Sam,
The reel is exeptional, you must be happy. The boys facial expressions are my favorite part. Good luck

04 April 2008, 12:27 PM
Hey Sam,

I think your reel looks great. I love the simplicity of having just the three well executed pieces. They are nicely staged and well lit and it all works as a piece of entertainment in itself.

As far as critiqueing - In the second scene with the dialogue I felt that you needed to emphasize the "Boy!" a bit more as he says it with almost the same amount of force as the "Babbling".
The final scene when the guy lifts his head at the end. This feels a little linear. Maybe you could add an overshoot or something to give him more character.

Hope this helps.

04 April 2008, 07:09 PM
Great work Sam and good luck with the job hunt! :D

04 April 2008, 05:58 PM
Thank you to everyone who took the time to check out my demo reel. Your critiques and comments are greatly appreciated. :)

IzzyW - Thanks for your motivating words. :)

Kajenx - Thank you for your critique. I agree with you that a little more exaggeration would definitely help the jumps. In the future I will look for opportunities to add exaggeration. :cool: I'm glad you liked the lip sync, I really enjoyed acting out this scene and trying to convey the emotion in his voice.

rlohramus - Thanks man, Best of Luck to ya.

neilparkinson - Thank you I'm happy to see that you enjoyed watching my reel.

I agree with you about adding more emphasis on "Boy!" Now that I'm listening to the lipsync again, the force is almost the same as "Babbling". The next time I work on a lipsync I will listen carefully for the changes in the voice tones.

I agree with you about the pull up guy as well. It does seem linear. Thank you so much for your honest and helpful critiques. :cool:

FrizzleFry0 - Thank you for all the critiques and help you gave me. I really appreciate it.

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04 April 2008, 05:58 PM
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