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04 April 2008, 09:47 AM
I hinted at this a number of days ago to anyone that may have been paying attention to it. As of today it is official. The cats out of the bag so to speak.

I have been given the opportunity to write software reviews, tutorials and tips and tricks
articles for the huge Digital Media Net family of websites. A topic I write on will appear on multiple web sites throughout DMN's network. Including but not limited to Creative Mac, Animation Artist, Siggraph News, Mac Animation Pro, Mac Design Pro, Digital Animators, Digital Producer, Digital Video Editing, Digital Post Production and yes, even more. The number of visitors to the site is huge for our industry. Roughly 25,000 people a day will visit these sites. Its not google, but the audience is targeted pretty well.

My first article appearing TODAY is a review of the AE plug in package by digieffects called "DAMAGE" It is on numerous websites right now, I appreciate feedback. Personally I will get great exposure for SuperNova, but the REASON I am announcing this here, is probably obvious by now.

I am currently writing a 2 part review of the Electric Image Animation System v7.01

this will be done in a few days and be on the websites (assuming no problems) by this Thursday, Friday or Saturday if I understand how they post my work. I turned in the damage review 2 days ago and its all over their sites today.

I know people here and on the EITG forums have hoped or wondered if any reviews would
be written or have been written on EI 7. I wanted to tell everyone about what I was up to, but I waited until at least my first article was posted and my writing for them became "real" for me. I also believe we have another review of 7 coming as well but cant say any more on that. I can give you my angle on my review.

I would have no integrity If I were not honest in my opinions on EI as I write this.
I am going to be writing this from a motion graphics animation point of view. I hope we get a more technical review of EI from elsewhere, but I will do my best. I plan on covering features of course, but also what I consider to be the feel good "return" of EI to what I believe will be a much larger area of prominance. There is a whole generation of entry level 3d artists who are not aware of the place EI once had in the market place. Or even have heard of it. That history is just that, history, but theres a degree of credibility that its history, I believe gives the app in todays terms. A new to 3d artist has more choice than just lightwave or C4d. Especially for motion graphics. I am not a character animator as most of you know. I am not a deeply technical person either, but theres a huge group of people out there that are not aware of EI 7 and its serious hard body (I know, simcloth) chops for all forms of animation. I always found EI extremely easy to use for a "non tecnical" type like myself and a ton of motion graphic artists I feel would feel the same way. I want to re affirm with Brad that I can refer to Tesla in the review as well. I don't want to mention too much more until it publishes. I hope to have a chance to post a review of Tesla in the future as well. I will need to do a lot of research of course, to handle that.

I can add this however, It seems they are fine with me writing multiple BASIC tutorials and how to's using EI. Definately Invigerator Pro modeling to EI rendering along with a number of other features within EI only. Probably EI to AE and some post effects in AE. etc etc. I am so excited and also humbled that I have been given this opportunity for now.

Its been a small dream of mine to have the chance to write and share my 16 years of experience with a group of like minded people. I never thought it would happen, but I moved to LA and got a few breaks. With some luck, I will get to write for a good long time for them.

Again, I state the obvious I hope. I will be truly honest with my review on EI 7.

Thank you for letting me post this personal news in this forum. Email or call me anytime
or post comments. Also, if you feel I write a good review of Damage or any of my topics
it doesnt hurt to post comments reflecting that. Only of course If you think I did well.
I guess you can rip me too so I better be ready :)

04 April 2008, 01:11 PM
Great news Scott. I'm real happy for you (And for us...)
I read the article. No way it could have had the same impact on printed magazine. The included videos shows you exactly what you can expect. You wrote it with the user point of view to which I can easily relate. Good job!

04 April 2008, 04:39 AM
Here's one link to the article:


04 April 2008, 06:14 AM
yep, jimjam, thats one of the sites. One of the more OBSCURE sites images/icons/icon7.gif

its on about 12 different sites, creative mac and digital producer are two of the more
common ones.

04 April 2008, 08:28 AM
Excellent job, Scott.

Your article is catchy, concise, upbeat yet balanced, informative and a pleasure to read.
Your videos and interface shot make everything perfectly clear (except for the Skew video that didn't work for me).

I look forward to reading your EI articles.

Jim Mulcahy

04 April 2008, 03:46 AM
well, I built up a big deal about my opportunity to write reviews
and 'how to's' for DMN. Fate has stepped in in a good way for me.
I am still going to do reviews and tutorials but I have been offered
an even BETTER opportunity to do essentially the same thing to an
even larger audience than my previous situation. (and paid) This will
result in a slight delay in the release of my EIAS 7.01 review. I am both a
bit lucky AND blessed that these opportunities have presented themselves.
(mostly due to my largely EI based demo reel)

Ill share more EI based info as things occur, I do want to stay on topic
here. Bottom Line, more eyeballs focused on EI related issues.......

04 April 2008, 05:31 PM
Contulations Scott !!!

Look forward to reading your articles. EI can use the press...especially from someone who understands it's value and the artist that use it.

04 April 2008, 06:13 AM
well, my review is 80% written. And the big secret is probably no big deal. I will be writing for the Creative Cow and its HUGE community of artists. I am also going to be installed as a software lead on 4 of their forums. It is up in the air when, but the
owner of the Cow would be happy for us to have our own forum on the Cow. Its up to me \ us when this will happen. (possibly when Tesla is released) This IN KNOW WAY would even try to compete this forum, but with all the new publicity for EI I feel we can keep a modest precence on the cow in the near future, it only expands EI's visibility. The Cows audience is more motion graphics, animation, broadcast, some 3d, and more. This forum is definately more hi end 3d and character animation, creatures etc. Both forums offer EI a chance to rub shoulders with a large set of users. I personally feel the Cow's audience will have more of an open mind to EI and what it can do, A lot of people on cgtalk look down on EI, to me, in an unfair way. But EI has quite a hill to climb to reach respectability with the 3d savvy viewers on these forums. I hope so much that that changes with tesla, v7 and v8. The owner of the Cow has very warm feelings about EI and its history. He'd love to have EI talked about, reviewed and covered more. He told me this directly so I am going to have to find some time for it. Im also going to be doing a master series DVD for the cow very soon. Lots happening. I have 3 big future opportunities to decide on in the next 5 or 6 days, so that will have a lot to do with what I can get done on these other fun issues. Roughly 60 to 70 thousand people a day (unique visitors) will get to view the EI review and stories! EI, we also have a friend over at the
Cow, stay tuned........

04 April 2008, 09:36 PM
I've had a long history with the Creative Cow folks. Ron Lindeboom and I worked on it's predecessor, the WWUG (World Wide Users Group) years and years ago. I wrote tutorials and reviews for he and Kathlyn. They are VERY good people. Congrats and thanks for all of your efforts. If you ever communicate to Ron, say "Hi" for me.

_mike nibeck

04 April 2008, 09:59 PM
I have spent probably 7 or 8 hours on the phone with Ron over the last 10 days or so.
OVER THE PHONE not email. So many people hide behind email, I hate that aspect of new technology. There's nothing like TALKING to someone vs the impersonal email.
He appears very genuine and kind. He has already helped me out in a couple of ways.
I love talking about the people behind a lot of the software we use. He truly has seen
and been everywhere in the CG world. He did say CG talk was a tremendous site in his view. I will definately pass along the hi to him. I am going to be speaking with Ron
next week.

He is an amazing person, and I look forward to working with him in various ways in the future. All this will be good for EI as well, he's a true fan and knew the journey EI has taken over the years which impressed me. He also analyzed my demo reel in a very
detailed and 'deeply descriptive way' positive. My opportunity with him came from his
view of my reel. Im very blessed. Those who have met Ron, know that he feels blessed as well about his situation.

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04 April 2008, 09:59 PM
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