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05 May 2003, 12:17 PM
Hi folks, here is an interesting one, I am getting some wierd antialiasing buzzing on fine detail in MR, particularly nasty with FG, at first I thought it was the FG causing the prob, but with two days of fiddling and using almost every combination of settings possible, I realised that it is actually just an antialiasing prob with MR.

I don't seem to be able to solve this one, it shifts from frame to frame in my animation (which is an apartment interior by the way)
I have a reasonable amount of experience with MR from my XSI days, but this one has me stumped, believe me I have tried all the different filtering methods and AA levels, but to no avail, I have a friend who has similar problems and overcomes them by rendering out at three times the final resolution, but this seems ludicrous to me!!

It is a hard one to solve because obviously it takes a fair amount of time to render out test frames, so I was wondering if anyone has any ideas, I have checked every tutorial and reference on the net and books, everyone always talks about the still frame, but no-one ever mentions this stuff for animation, maybe this is why?

MRFM seems to be a bit of a 'black art' at the moment, but I get great results with GI and FG and HDRI, just not with animations using these tecniques.

Thanks for any help.

Cheers, Nick

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