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05 May 2003, 01:19 AM
Hello, my team has been working on a 3d rpg/survival game for about 6 months using the blender game engine. It's been coming along really well, but we desperately need more people. Currently we have a level/game/gui designer, and a scripter, that would be d0oGs and I who also share production leads, and we have a character animator/modeller. What we really need is a texture artist, someone who is fairly dedicated and can make many different textures that blend well together, as well as creating textures that blend two textures together. Such as grass blending into dirt.

The project page is at which has some old and current screenshots and a breif description of the game.

As far as development goes, we are fairly laid back, work on the game in our spare time, are not planning on selling it (although that may be a possibility) and dont have many strict deadlines. We are fairly easy to work with, as well as QUITE dedicated to the project (i.e. we wont be ditching it anytime soon). Whether it takes us a year or 10 to finish, we will press on!

So if you have some texture skills, can make a lot of varied, decent, seamless, textures, we desperately need you!

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