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04 April 2008, 11:51 AM
Hello all,

Im making a hook that comes right form auto cad. I have used polytrans ( what works almost fine ) but since i have the demo version of polytrans evry 5th polygon will be left out. ( not realy a big problem just fill up the holes) But now ik have a small problem.
When i select a vertex of the hook it is merged with the other ones. All vertex are merged with the ones they needed to be merged. but when i smooth the hook there are som sharp lines. the wierd thing is that when i select a vertex on that sharp edge it is still merged with the other one. so when i try to smooth the little sharp edges manualy they still look sharp.
when i use sculpt polygon tool (the smoot option) then the vertexes come lose from echoter. How is this possible?

** when i do an UV check you can see if there are any open holes. ( you can see by the lines on your mess) then i already see that there will be a hole but i cant merge the vertexes on that place cause it says there is just 1 vertex.**

( other small thingy i cant see the collor on my model even when i aplay new ones. has this to do with normals ?)

04 April 2008, 07:00 PM
I've run into problems where I merge verts that have normals facing in opposite directions, so that even though they're merged Maya thinks it's a border edge, and you will get a hard line when you smooth it. If that's your problem, trying doing a Normals>Conform. That usually fixes it.

The only thing that makes me wonder if that's really your problem is that you said the verts come apart when you use the sculpting tool. That doesn't make sense, if Maya's telling you that there's 1 vertex there. Have you tried slightly separating the verts with the sculpting tool, and then merging them once they're slightly separated? Maybe that would fix the problem.

Also, try deleting your history as you work. History can really screw things up and make things act wacky sometimes.

04 April 2008, 06:36 AM
Thnx mate i just arived at work i gonna test it in a few mins.. but first COFEE!


OKe i tested it, but hers the thingy.

wel the vertexes look merged before i smooth ( wen i select the coutner sais 1)
when i smooth and select the vertexes around the sharp edges i have indeed a vertex to many. Now can i easy just select all vertexes ( after smooth) and merge them again. After that i can smooth it again and all problems are gone. but the thingy is then that i got a lot of poly's. but it works.. i can also clean it up by after the smoothing it and merge again then just sculpt a bit.but still dont know what the problem is that he doesnt merge them at once.

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04 April 2008, 06:36 AM
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