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04 April 2002, 01:36 AM
1) I'm about to get a mobo with dual U160-SCSI channels, one of which will host a HDD. I will also buy a DVD-reader and a CD-writer. Should I opt for SCSI-versions and hook them to the second U160-SCSI channel or go IDE and leave the second channel unused?

2) Is it problematic to convert U160-SCSI to the SCSI-50pin used by optical drives?

3) The fastest optical drives are not available with a SCSI interface, which is why a SCSI-setup would inherently be slower than an IDE-setup. The advantages of the former is however the low CPU-usage and the reliability. When duplicating CDs using two drives on the same SCSI-chain, I guess the data flow is entirely handled by the SCSI-controller. Thus, the copying process does not have an impact on the performance of the computer and moreover, no other heavy applications will interfere with the duplication. Is the discussion lame or reasonable?

4) If the above is true to an extent, how well does it apply to the fast optical IDE-drives and CPUs (dual) of today? Some claim that IDE-drives have reached the low CPU-utilisation of their SCSI-counterparts. Others swear by the superior responsiveness of SCSI-drives.

5) Which is the best DVD-reader with a SCSI interface?

5) Which is the best CD-writer with a SCSI interface?

6) Another somewhat fussy advantage of a SCSI-setup would be that since the HDD uses the same interface, the complete system would be SCSI-based. I'm not quite sure why this would be preferable, but it seems that for example Dell's workstations work badly or not at all when SCSI- and IDE-devices are mixed.

Thanks for your help!

04 April 2002, 04:57 PM
I've run this thread in parallell on a few other message boards and the content is somewhere along these lines:

1) I get the impression that Toshiba represents the cream of the crop when it comes to DVD-readers. What are your thoughts on its newest model "Toshiba SD-M1612, IDE internal DVD-rom"? Is it the unquestionable leader in all aspects? If not, which drive is?

2) I hear the DAE capabilities of the Toschiba line of DVD-roms are not first-class. Would you suggest compensating for that by opting for a CDRW, which extracts audio splendidly?

3) How well does Plextor's PlexWriter 40/12/40A perform at DAE? Even though Plextor might not be as superior in supplying quality drives as it once was, I suppose their units are still among the best? Can anyone recommend another CDRW that offers greater performance/features/quality than the above mentioned 40X PlexWriter?

As you can see I will likely go IDE for optical drives, though my system disk will be U160. Though I'm not 100% convinced (you still have the chance to change my mind), the advantages of the new IDE drives seem to outweigh the disadvantages. Note however that I think SCSI is the preferable interface. It's just that the newer mechanisms of today's IDE drives, along with UDMA etc., make up for the down-sides of IDE. It goes without saying that if SCSI-drives were not EOL, I'd get them in an instant.

As a side-note, I've never ever had an IDE-device of any kind apart from my current CD-rom (which I didn't choose myself).

If you think that my writing posts in list form is odd, the explanation is that the posts would probably not be readable otherwise due to the abundance of questions :)

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