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03 March 2008, 05:59 AM
Manny Pineda has entered "Uplift Universe - Video".

05 May 2008, 04:05 PM
i didnt have enough time to finish the image entry so i would like to focus now on the video. the story that i would like to capture in this short movie is about a young teenage girl; by the way this is not in anyway connected to reality. if ever there is resemblance or similarity to real life it is just an absolute coincidence.

heres the story:

while she was in bed at night she saw a bright light flash from the window, she looked at the window and saw a flying saucer (ufo) landed near her home in a suburb. she was amazed at the sight and went out of the house quickly to witness the ufo. because of her excitement she forgot to bring her cameras. and from a distance she saw an alien came out of the disc shape ufo. it turns out the alien was alone. while she was watching secretly and made some move by stepping on some twigs on the ground the alien heard her and looked at her in the eyes. she said, "oh my gosh!!!". she ran as fast as she could like lightning. as she was nearing the door of her house, the distance from where she was standing to her house was about 130 feet; suddenly the alien appeared infront of her and asked him "how did you do that?" she ran again headed for the car but this time the alien spoke to her without using words or audible voice. the alien was talking to her without speaking but through her mind. and from then on they became friends. the alien told all about how he got to this planet and that he does not pose any harm to anyone.

as time goes by, she witnessed some unusual capabilities of the alien like it can float in the air while standing and walking. he can push the water in the river and have it stand up and even part it. he could tame wild animals such as snakes, wolves and etc. he could spark lightning from the tip of his fingers and even read her mind as though its an open book and many more. one day, she went out kayaking on the river but there was a storm that day and she was alone and the alien have been away for a day and half. the winds and the rain became stronger and she was already far from home.

to be continued.....

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