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03 March 2008, 02:32 PM
Team name:
Brain Damage Studios

Project name:

Brief description:
"Dungeoneer!" is a full 3D dungeon simulator based on classic explorer/mob cleaner gameplay in which players may choose one of various possible adventurer classes, and quest for a common objective. Unlike most online RPGs "Dungeoneer!" is not exclusively dependant on a single game mode; both singleplayer and online game modes will prove to be equally entertaining in their own way. The core feature of "Dungeoneer!" is a completely adjustable random dungeon generator that will give players the option to choose the size and the general features of the dungeons they want to explore including quest objectives, dungeon types, number of monsters and levels. This makes "Dungeoneer!" a unique and enjoyable experience whether you want to spend hours adventuring alone or with your friends online, or if you simply want to go for a quick rush on a lunch break.
As opposed to most online fantasy games who focus mostly on a persistent/multi-mass approach, requiring obnoxiously extensive amounts of time leveling up to develop your character and evolve in-game, "Dungeoneer!" aims for a more light-hearted, simpler approach consisting of non-persistent gameplay allied to a simple session-based client.

The following features may be expected from Dungeoneer!:

*Vast, interactive dungeons to explore. Fight hordes monsters, collect riches and
become a legend... or die trying.

*Seven unique adventurer classes to choose from, each one with its advantages and traits from the bloodthirsty, malevolent Black Knight to the cunning Alchemist.

*Brawl alone or raid with mates! "Dungeoneer!" offers equally exciting singleplayer and
multiplayer modes!

*Play one from the various default adventures, or create your own! "Dungeoneer!" offers both predefined adventures sets and allows the players to engage on completely new adventures thanks to the Random Dungeon Generator tool.

*Forge your own worlds and write your own epic! Thanks to the included Dungeon-o-Matic tool, players will be able to create completely new games inside "Dungeoneer!" itself!

Target aim:

No monetary rewards are to be achieved by developing this project. We are simply developing this game for the fun of creating something unique and original while having others enjoying it.

Target system: Windows, Linux
Programming Language: C++
Tools: Irrlicht Engine

Talent needed:
- 3d Modelers
- Texturers
- Concept Artists
- Programmers (C++)

Team structure:
Monochrome - Lead Design
Sudi - Coder
TGM - Modeler/Texturer


email: obiwanishere99(at)hotmail(dot)com

Previous Work by Team:

Additional Info:
It is with great pleasure we finally reveal to the public our newest project: "Dungeoneer!", the online dungeon crawler. The aim of this project is to create an entertaining, yet simple online dungeon crawler focusing on a more non-persistent approach in which no player will have permanent characters.

Dungeoneer will follow a classic hack n'slash gameplay model, but it will contain many interesting features that will make every session an unique experience.

Here is our design doc for more details:

Design Doc Download Link

And here is the link to our first engine demo. A simple bomberman clone featuring our first creature model (controls: arrows keys - move, space - drop bomb):

Engine Demo Download Link


Concept Artwork

Model Renders

Demo Screenshots

Any kind of feedback is welcome.

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