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03 March 2008, 01:43 PM
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03 March 2008, 12:59 AM (

Doesn't get any more 'concept' than this. The idea is humans and aliens enjoying a bbq together. The adults are laughing together and the kids are swinging each other around. We discovered another bbq-loving species but they exist in a slightly skewed frequency from ours. Thus, we can't see the aliens unless we're wearing special sunglasses that they helped us develop. You, as the viewer, are looking through some sunglasses as you're putting them on. I hope I can pull this off. Heck, I hope I can finish this contest. Good luck to all. Next up: alien designs!

03 March 2008, 01:07 AM
*waves at JTD

03 March 2008, 10:59 AM
nice idea :)

03 March 2008, 01:09 AM (

Started sketching alien heads. Need something a little silly and not at all frightening. Something that can show emotion because of a joke. Next up: refining a character once I decide on one.

03 March 2008, 05:14 AM (

This is the alien design I decided to go with. I didn't spend a lot of time on the legs (they look kind of like the arms) because they are not featured in my idea for the challenge. In fact, they have to be missing for this to work.

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03 March 2008, 05:14 AM
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