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03 March 2008, 01:58 AM
So I went back and found a tutorial for a head. Its a pretty good one and I have a head all the way up to the shoulders. Now my questions are a little more complicated and this is because I have never tried to model a character. I want realism, so bare that in mind when you see if you can help me... I am using Max 2008 BTW.

An Army uniform consists of several part. One is the helmet. Then the Kevlar. Then the Elbow Pads. Then the Knee Pads. Then the boots and various attachments. So. Do I model the head and hands since they are exposed flesh? Then do I model the BDU top? Then try to fit a modelled vest over that? How do I get the conformity right? What I mean is, the pads and vest all fit snuggly on the body. The BDUs do not. There are areas of tons of wrinkles and also folds. This is kind of complicated to me so Im sorry its such a long post I just hope someone can lead me through this nightmare ya know lol.

That seems like a lot to have to model. And I dont really have a side profile to go off of. If anyone has been in this situation or knows someone that has, please respond or message me with what to do. As I said and what you can see from the images, is that the BDUs and Vest do not show an actual muscle form, but that they just fit over the body. Thank you for ANY help in advance, its appreciated.

Mr. D
04 April 2008, 05:38 PM

1) break it down as to model parts (head, hands, boots, body, vest, helmet
2) decide specific needs (want helmet on or off, so helmet must be seperate object)
3) decide if you want single piece mesh, or can get by with multible pieces. Example head and hands seperate models from body, model head and hands so that arms and neck go into neck and sleeve openings on uniform.
or do you want it all one mesh and model the arms and head attached to the body.
4) build tactvest around body, or build vest and attach pieces of body as needed. meaning get rid of body faces hidden by vest, rework remaining body so it attaches to the vest with no seams

Mr. D

04 April 2008, 06:42 PM
if it were me, i would model the entire body hands and feet as part of the same mesh as the head. seeing as you cant see muscle groups in most of the body and most of it would never be seen, detail wouldn't be my biggest concern. the main idea when creating it would be to get size and proportion correct in all views.

after you are done with that, you can easily take polygons off your now 'base mesh' to build and detail for a vest, knees pad, glove, ect, and since you made the base mesh each peice will fit your proportions and anatomy, rather than trying to model everything separately and hoping it all fits together.

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04 April 2008, 06:42 PM
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