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03 March 2008, 02:37 PM
this may come as a rather stupid question, but its my last resort really.
looked around the net, searched here and at eyeon's site, and theres absolutely no
tutorial available for a step by step guide to exr in fusion.
coming from nuke on this side, im a bit lost here folks.
first off, all the exr files ive loaded come with a lower gamma rate in fusion (which is not the case for nuke of ae for the exact same file) - is this normal?
second, i get all kinds of artifacts when applying ops on them (again, not the case with the other tools) ?
now here comes my biggest problem.
i load in the file, set it to float, go to the channels tab, and here is the first wall i bump in to.
the file has alot of channels, like gi, light, specular, reflect, refract bla bla.
in the assign channel tabs that fusion has i can only see stuff like normal, velocity, uv, material id, coverage etc, nothing to do with what i need to use, but when i do click on a channel to pick its counterpart i can see that fusion reads the exr channels of the file (but have nothing to assign them to except rgb)
so i figured ok. ill load in the same exr file, and assign its channels to the rgb ones available in those tabs. great, it works, but does this mean i lose the float values per channel? and, is this how its really done? having to reload the file each time for each channel?
then i read some people talking about using channel booleans to extract the needed channels, but again, looking at the aux channels in the boolean op that fusion shows, i see nothing about the ones i need (which fusion seems to initially read when i load up the file).
its really making my head dizzy (like i said, im used to the channels setup in nuke, where u just load the file, and mask out ops per channel down the flow directly, right inside the input, no need to reload a copy of the file for each channel).
if someone has successfully used exr in fusion, and is willing to drop in and post a few guidelines, ud make a guy happy.

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03 March 2008, 02:37 PM
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