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03 March 2008, 07:40 AM
( Antarctic centre and Underwater World: Above the cloud


Modeling, rendering: Modo 203
SKies, HDR and IBL(Image based lighting): Vue 6.5 xStream
Post: Photoshop CS2

Welcome to Dubai Underwater World & Antarctic Centre!! When Cold meets Hot!!

The time is present day, the air is hot and dry, and the location is one of the world most modern cities – Dubai.

My intention is to design something very high tech, very futuristic city, looks like something coming down from outer space, a bit of Star Wars type of constructions, but then noting close to Star Wars!

The idea is simple, is mission impossible to build in today’s technology in such mass constructions, but it is still achievable, only with your money and tries hard... just like a pyramid in Egypt, like Great Wall in China.

The Underwater World design is based on the ocean wave form, using blue light (cold) with all highly reflection surface (Alien!). It is built around the sea shore, underneath the water and surrounded by coasts. So, there is plenty of marine wildlife passing through the coast days and nights. It is a live marine wildlife museum.

Antarctic Centre, close encounter to penguin, polar bear (to come), the design is based on Eskimo ice igloo, with highly reflection surface as well (basically the whole Underwater World & Antarctic Centre are using highly reflection surfaces), size about a foot ball stadium. The temperature inside is always maintained around 15 degree; it is cool inside, but not cold. Although it has many huge icebergs, these are for penguin basically, sorry not for visitor/ tourist!

Apart from that, the areas (Underwater World & Antarctic Centre) are also a huge shopping mall, with shops, cafes, playgrounds, conference rooms and etc. It is built next to the heart of the commercial centre, and also designed to be a tourist centre.

Some areas in the places are always covered by light steam/fog (see pictured) because of its temperature throughout the areas (When Cold meets Hot!), inside or outside of the centres (includes Main Square) are maintained around 15-18 degree. So even if it is under the hot middle east weather, the whole areas are basically air-conditioned, the open air spaces like Main Square (about 2 football Stadiums) are featured with a cooled floor. Underneath the floor, imaging a gigantic freezer cover 2 football Stadiums to keep the places cool!

Want to experience the cold winter South Pole in the hot summer Dubai, here is the place to be! Make sure your flight stops by and visit the place. Welcomes to Dubai Underwater World & Antarctic Centre!!

Here are all the images link, please click and see, C&C welcome.

Dubai Underwater World & Antarctic Centre ( ( ( (

Underwater World ( ( ( (

Antarctic Centre ( ( ( (

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