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05 May 2003, 08:39 PM
Hi all, i just recieved acceptance for an internship at Sony Pictures! Needless to say, i am pretty damn excited. I will be doing character setups/rigs and i was informed that MEL will be a large part of my tasks. My current knowledge of MEL is pretty weak- so i am a little nervous. I am purchasing David and Marks books off of amazon as i write this thread..but besides studying those books...what else can i do to better prepare myself? Need i feel this nervous?? Any comforting words would be appreciated!


05 May 2003, 09:00 PM
Don't sweat it man, your an intern, your not expected to know all about mel. Now if you were getting hired on as an employee I would be worried :) I think the key would be to just make sure you understand the basics, and you will certainly learn the rest in know time.

When I first started I thought I knew it all, hah...I quickly defalated my ego, and relized I am just starting again when working professionally, it's a whole new ball game.

I am learning mel myself, and am on chapter 12 in Mark Wilkins book, with David goulds on my book shelf waiting to be read when I am done.

Mel scripting for animators is a great book so far, and when I am done I am going to make sure to post a lengthy review on here cause I know Mark participates in the forum here, but so far the book has been great and very easy to read and shows you examples, and then actually tells you everything about it step by step, which is great , it might not turn you into a mel GURU after reading it, but it will help you understand scripts and know exactly what they do so you can expand on your own :)

So ya. you certainly are on the right track with reading those books, only thing I would suggest is to download scripts as well and read them, and see how other scripters have solved a problem.

05 May 2003, 05:14 AM

Don't worry too much. The expectations on an intern aren't likely to be enormously high -- just go in and do your best.

If MEL will be a big part of what you do, study as much as you can. Once you've made it through the books, start downloading scripts from and looking at how they work... reading a few useful scripts will get you a lot farther a lot faster than doing just about anything else.

Anyway, I wish you well! Again, congratulations -- internships at top effects houses are not easy to come by, but I suspect that you'll do fine.

Oh, and CKerr812: Thanks for the kind words!! You're almost to the good stuff!! :D

-- Mark

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