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03 March 2008, 09:05 PM
( Pycnogon City was built as an answer to societies problems. It's an entirley Synetic or Synergetic structure (Synetics is a system of construction which utilizes the compressive properties of structural materials to the fullest advantage. It may be employed in a wide variety of shapes, particularly "pneumatic" shapes and lattices. The range of size appropriate to Synetic design runs from the vanishingly small to the vanishingly large. In general, it is useful wherever it is advantageous to make the largest and strongest structure per pound of structural material employed.)
Synetic resolution of a manifold into discrete patterns of compression makes possible accurate, electronically controlled local deformation of the structure. Adjustments to compressive elements are made co-functionally with those to tension elements, maintaining tension-compression equilibrium while the structure deforms. Synetics provides a dynamic continuum between rigid mechanical behavior and flexible pneumatic behavior.

Dynamic effects might include induced de-resonation of the structure, or induced motion, oscillation, or traveling wave-form. They might take the form of expanding or contracting volumetric portions in order to maintain accurately manageable pressure differentials, or they might act as a pump to move air or water, or they might directly entrain air with wing-like motion.
source: 'Synetic Structure' 1999 Frederick G. Flowerday

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