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05 May 2003, 02:52 PM
To whom it may concern,

Looking to develop a cartoon character for our clients product launch, what I am seeking currently are resources of people that are available to do this work.

Currently we are in brain storm mood, as we have no idea exactly what we are looking to do with this character, but wish to see styles of illustration that we feel would fit the method animating this character. Once we better define what the client needs, after we review several styles of illustration, then we will communicate with whomever we can to assist in the development of this character.


- Product is an inhaled steroid for treatment of asthma

- This character must be able to be brand-able, meaning that it cannot have the appeal of an existing character on the market. There will need to be an extensively legal research into the style and design to insure there will be no legal conflicts. The character designer will not be responsible for this research, and stated upfront to be certain that re-use of completed art or redesigning existing characters is not possible for this project.

- Broad market reach children to adult and character can be either one character that covers both markets, or two characters that are slightly different for each market. (Example: Smokey the Bear, and a younger Smokey the Bear for the children.)

- The character(s) will be the basis for the product campaign, and product packaging and design will be built around this character(s).

- The character(s) design will be used for all aspect of marketing (web, multimedia, print and possibly commercials). Our first need will be for use in Flash multimedia (web based), so we are developing this character(s) for the lowest use first - however there will be a need to eventually make this character(s) for all other uses.

- Under consideration are to focus on bright colors, simple look, simple function, simple name to be adaptable in multi uses and ease of communication.

- For now there are no restrictions on what the character(s) will be, so the character(s) can be humanoid, animal, biological, plant, object, or may not even represent something such as a geometric shape.

I need to get names of those who may assist when we are ready to build this character(s.)

If this is of interest please submit a website sample (or hyperlink samples) and your weekly rate to design this character.

Please note that this is a spec job right now, only and since we do not yet have a contract with the client there can be NO money paid for design.

Once we have aquired the job will we then contact those who fit best what we are looking to do then a bid request will be generated and those work who we will consider will need to submit a proposal estimate for the spec work that they will do.

05 May 2003, 09:43 AM
i might be interested, there's a few samples of my work on my website.

will have a think and post up some ideas, if your game.

05 May 2003, 04:27 PM


04 April 2005, 07:15 AM
Hi, I read about your project, and found it very interesting. I really would like to send you some of my work, but the thing is I am a new user here at CGTalk and I am not yet authorized to attach any images.
If you would to send me your e-mail I'll be more than glad to show you some of my most recent work.
You can reach me at or

Have a great day.

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04 April 2005, 07:15 AM
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