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04 April 2002, 03:15 AM
Ok, I'm texturing a model for my demo reel and having an amazingly hard time with finishing it off. I was all psyched to figure out multiple vertex rgba nodes and have used those with explicit uvw maps for a majority of the model. However, last night I was finishing him up and with what would have been the end of it and did a quick render. For some god forsaken reason now it has huge green and red blocks over the texture. Sometimes he turns a vivid blue instead of his texture color. And on rare occasions black, but the horrible late 60's flashback is the biggest one.

Now, even if I remove what I guessed was the offeneding vertexrba nodes and extra vertex colors it still messes up. One way I have found to help it but not stop it is to save and exit completely out of softimage and come back in. That usually reduces the artifcating to just a dozen or so huge green and red blocks. A classmate of mine has had similar trouble with texturing and it may be because were pushing softimage's ability with vertexrgba nodes. This I kinda doubt, and hope it is video card related instead. However, I have no other artifacting in other places with my video card or the ones at school.

*sigh* soo tired...


-Maya huh? hmm, I'll have to look into that-

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