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05 May 2003, 06:35 AM
Sorry about all the stupid question, but i wanna know what the tracker is and how should I use it. Im talking ībout Combustion:love:

Jack Pfeiffer
05 May 2003, 10:24 AM

No question is tooooo "stupid...."

What is "Tracking?"

Tracking means being able to automatically and quickly follow a spot of an image (best defined as a group of pixels.) Once we "follow" or track that image, we can then apply things based on that movement data. These things can include a logo, a mask, pasting a new logo on a moving bottle, or even to stabilize a jumpy and jittery handheld shot.

combustion 2.1 uses the same motion-tracking technology that is Discreet's Academy Award-winning visual effects systems flint, flame and inferno. Discreet has been an early pioneer in motion tracking technology, which has become a reference to the post-production industry. This same tracking technology is one of the best on the market and has been used in countless feature films and commercials.

Another example of tracking use is Rotoscoping: Rotoscoping can describe many different actions in the compositing process, but, in combustion, it describes the act of painting an element into, or out of, a scene. Rotoscoping also refers to the process of drawing over live action to create realistic looking animation.

For instance, if you use wires to support a subject during shooting, you can rotoscope the wires out of the scene during post-production, making the subject appear to be flying. You can use the Reveal tool to add an element to a scene that was not present during shooting. Then, you TRACK the image to quickly paste the Reveal tool (or new element) to the image...

Another example: Sometimes, more subtle effects are needed, such as removing a logo from an object. In this situation, you can use selection objects to select the object to remove, then try blurring it so it is no longer recognizable, or you can use the Clone tool to copy a part of the image on top of the logo. Then, you simply use the TRACKER to quickly paste the blur over the moving logo...

By the way, Tracking data and setups can be imported into other systems, including the Discreet SGI-based systems.

I hope that answers your question...


05 May 2003, 05:33 PM
Thanx man, that really answered my question.:airguitar .

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