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02 February 2008, 12:20 AM
I'm have a good modeling experience with maya, have use it for some years, but looking at Modo it seems a very nice app to work with.

I'm trying to do the seagull tutorial and just found allot of frustrating things...

1- I've putted the images on the viewports, using the backdrop option in each of the view port. But now, every time I start modo from the scratch, the images are there. Why aren't they only on my save of the seagull file?

2- I've made the first shape of the tutorial, and then when I turn on Symmetry it just doesn't work. I push vertex, edges, polys, whatever, and I get no Symmetry effect. I've tried to change the Action Center to every option and nothing happens. In the video tutorial, it works by just simply turn it on.

3- When applying tools like the Loop Slice tool, I don't get that line on the view port that is suppose to help us distribute the points of the slice. The pink line with the triangles.
What do I have to do to make it appear?

Geezzz just doing the first 6 minutes on a tutorial and so many problems :(.

02 February 2008, 01:23 AM
Hi VictorMartins,

You using V301?

Re - the Symmetry thing, make sure the object is at 0,0,0 World Co-ord ....

i have to agree it is a bit flakey still. Read this thread:

Re - The Loop Slice Tool and that - Create a cube, Select the edges OR polys you want to loop slice through, make sure Symmetry is off. Enable the Loop Slice Tool and click on the object eg the cube. You should now see the edges sliced in the centre of the old edges. If you look over left at the Loop Slice params you can set the Count to 1,2 etc - Also the Mode - Uniform or Free. The Uniform option will LOCK centre the slices on the existing edges, ( I think this is your issue ) - the Free option allows you to control where the slice happens via the slider from 0 to 100% that appears in the work area, that pink line. If Mode is set to Uniform you CANNOT use the "Pink Line". Set Mode to free and now it can be used ..


02 February 2008, 01:45 AM
In stead of putting the back drops in the view ports, do the following.

Under 'New Item' you can create a backdrop item. You can change the image, the view (front, top, left side, right side, bottom, etc.), the scaling, and position of this back drop item. You are also able to turn it on or off. These will load with the scene and not every time you start Modo.

good luck with it.


02 February 2008, 12:45 PM
Thanks Guys...

I'm using 301.
Well, my problem with the "pink line" was that it didn't appear at all, but now, when I was falling your comments, it appeared every time.
And I can't remember what I was doing wrong to prevent it from appearing. Cause I always got the slices, I just didn't saw the pink bar.

The Symmetry problem... well I tried everything and nothing. So, I deleted the mesh, made a new one, and bingo, works like a charm. Even better, I can move it off the 0.0.0 axis and it still works.

Two problem solved :)

Now the backdrop problem. I understood your solution denders, and I've done it. It really works ok, but it seems that those backdrops are like movie backdrops, a physical plane with something to compose the background of a shot. I can use them to model but it seems that the viewport backdrops would be way to go.
I think that the problem is, that when I start modo he doesn't reset the viewports, even the position of the perspective viewport gets all off, looking as it was in the last scene I used. This is cool if I open a scene that I was been working for, just like Maya did, but not if I want to start a file from scratch and have to reposition the viewports. And I didn't even found a reset button.
There must be a simple solution to this, I just don't see it.
Like a "reset viewports on start" option somewhere, that would clean all backdrops and reset transformations on the viewports... :banghead:

03 March 2008, 09:54 AM
Hi Victor.

On the Layout menu, you can choose Layout > 301 Default Layout. That reset everything.

If you customize your layout in any way, just make your own default, and Save that one.

03 March 2008, 12:51 AM
Thanks guys, I got it going now.
Still felling a bit lost but it's the natural learning curve. :thumbsup:

03 March 2008, 07:52 PM
Try going to....Prefs/UI Images.... Theres several options to look at.

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