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02 February 2008, 08:09 PM
My Final Entry


Hello everyone! Just need to join this exciting contest. Here is my concept of the pyromaster, Necrotis.

02 February 2008, 02:07 AM
Name: Nicrotis
Class: Involker
Race: Demon
Element: Fire/Lava
Weapon: Staff

Good luck everyone!

02 February 2008, 05:58 AM
Involker that have the power of fire, lava wing(so he can fly), great staff with the fire orb, and shoulder armor with flame would be cool to me.
I'm trying to play with the curvature of the wing, horn, armor, and weapon. I want to feel that the chatacter look elegant but at the same time he look like a badass experienced fighter so we could see the worn armor and tearing and hole on the wing.
I'm working on the armor detail and starting model some part.

02 February 2008, 06:18 AM
hey Theerapol, thats a great concept, you definitly got him to look elegant but also like a figther, canīt wait to see the model ^

02 February 2008, 06:29 AM
I really like the look of this concept, everything reads really well, your gonna have alot of fun with the shaders on this one :). keep em comin, you got some skills!

02 February 2008, 06:32 AM
The character looks very cool. I like the proportion of the figure. Can't wait to see it on 3D.



02 February 2008, 08:48 AM
Thank you guys. Here is my early concept. Any comments are welcome.

02 February 2008, 04:38 PM
Cannot see concept for some reason?

02 February 2008, 07:07 PM
The problem has been fixed. Thanks

02 February 2008, 07:57 PM
Looks evily nice. :) Might have to cut down on some of the spiky bits though or group them together due to 9000 polycount budget.

02 February 2008, 10:39 PM
That's true. Thanks for the comment. :)

02 February 2008, 11:23 PM
whoooo!! cooolll concepttt theeee!!
Really want to see your progress man....


02 February 2008, 11:52 PM
Nice concepts dude, usually I would say "too much detail" but it seems as though the details are actually flowing nicely through out your design. Cheers.

02 February 2008, 11:23 AM
Thanks for the comment. Here is my lowpoly staff model.

02 February 2008, 12:02 PM
Looking forward to this, should be sweet. Concept is looking pretty awesome. I prefer the face in the early concept drawing though, seems to look a bit more menacing in them. Looking forward to seeing whyere you take this :)

03 March 2008, 12:01 AM
I got new design for my character. I though more about futuristic fantasy and play with circular shap of the weapon and horn. So I decided to chage my character race to mutant and calss to melee combat. I though that it would be more interesting. here is my concept.

03 March 2008, 12:06 AM
looks cool...reminds me of spawn. the sketch looks pretty rough ,but form looking at your protfolio detailing doesnt look like a problem for you of luck for the war :thumbsup:

03 March 2008, 10:27 AM
Ur character is looking cool ...............

03 March 2008, 04:49 PM
:eek:Looking great! Where's some updates!?!

03 March 2008, 02:09 AM
Thanks guy. The photo above is the latest concept. Start working on 3d modeling and will post the photos soon.

03 March 2008, 03:49 AM
Those new dual weapons look cool. :thumbsup:

I like how they mirror the shape of his horns too.

03 March 2008, 02:28 PM
New Concept looks very awesome!!!
Can't wait to see your update :)

Fighto :thumbsup:

03 March 2008, 02:56 PM
I love the way your detail leaves some interpretation for the viewer and yet is very specific. Can't wait to see more updates!

The Flork
03 March 2008, 04:57 AM
really cool dude! i love everything about it except the shoulder... witch i actually love, but at the same time i think right away warcraft warlock/rogue shoulders. i would try and change there shape a bit, so its not a circle like the warlock and maybe stretch out some of the spikes so it doesn't resemble the rogues.
if your stuck on the circles, maybe add more to the armor, like one under his rib cage and maybe on on the backs of each hand, then maybe have like fiery lines connecting them all, like the whole suit is powered by it?
i dunno, id just play with it, cuz those shoulder for any one whos played are so iconic that it might over power your other ideas.

03 March 2008, 01:32 AM
Thanks for the suggestion. Here is my character update. I just want to rough out the proportion in 3D. Any comments will be very welcome. Thanks guy!!

03 March 2008, 08:21 PM
Wow this is so great!! :buttrock: E and G for me. Can't wait to see your progress. I'm absolutely watching this one!!! Excellent job!! go go go.

03 March 2008, 08:32 PM
E and F looks really great, i'll keep an eye on your thread :) :thumbsup:

The Flork
03 March 2008, 03:24 AM
D... end of story lol

03 March 2008, 03:50 AM
One word.


03 March 2008, 04:27 AM
G ;D please

03 March 2008, 04:33 AM
E all the way

03 March 2008, 04:15 PM
Thanks for every comments. Here is my new update 3D concept.

03 March 2008, 05:31 PM
Awesome Artist.. your concept and modeling skill grab my eyes for a long time.

I can't wait to see your texture..... I bet we can see your work in top 50.... later



03 March 2008, 06:06 PM
awesome update!
i think C-1 with B-1's helmet is the way to go

03 March 2008, 11:20 PM
"A-1" :thumbsup: It has unique character.

03 March 2008, 10:20 AM
It's really nice man....
Waiting for final 1
Lets rock

See my latest update texture:eek:

03 March 2008, 11:30 AM
I've been busy working on concept, but I've learn a lot from it in terms of proportion and scale. Here is my female concept character.

Here is my concept scheme of both male and female.

I'm also done with laying out UV in Maya

03 March 2008, 11:34 AM
Here is upper part sculpting in Zbrush of my character. There's a lot of work to do. Hope I can finish it on time. Good luck everyone. :)

03 March 2008, 12:09 PM
Here is my work in progress in full shot. I just worked on the upper torso area though.

03 March 2008, 06:04 PM
So detailed. Good job!:bounce:

The Flork
04 April 2008, 01:08 AM
haha well this sure went diffrent from where it started! Lookin good though!!

04 April 2008, 06:22 AM
Here is my character latest update.

04 April 2008, 07:48 AM
you had a really impressive concepting technique doing a lot of it in 3d that was pretty interesting. ill have to use that trick next time i make a character haha.

you better finish this on time, or im going to be really disapointed haha. it would be a realy shame to see you miss the deadline so dont sleep all this week so you can get it in on time haha.

04 April 2008, 10:10 AM
Oh! So Cool!

04 April 2008, 02:45 PM
Zbrush so cool man

04 April 2008, 04:26 AM
Thank you guys. And many thanks for the new deadline. It's a lot of work to do and new thing and problem to learn and solve but I hope I can finish on time.Here is my update again with Zbrush detail and Testing with normal map + lighting. I used Zmapper and Crazybump to generate normal map. I'm currently finishing all the texture maps so they will be update soon. Thanks :)
Here is my normal map

04 April 2008, 05:24 AM
WOW this character is wicked, and you've done an incredible job. I love the detail in the armour and weapon, and the pose is spot-on. What else can I say? It's a winner

04 April 2008, 05:49 AM
Wow. This is some really top-notch work. That normal map is excellent, and the modeling is spot-on. I hope you can get the textures done with this little time left.

04 April 2008, 05:51 AM
Thank you. Here is my test render with all texture maps. Eventhough they are not done yet but you could get the introduction on color and material type with different spec. I had Color, Normal, Specular color, Specular power, and Glow map. I focus on lighting now, so the texture map still need more work and polishing.

04 April 2008, 05:56 AM
Oh, wow. I spoke too soon. It's looking sharp!

A couple of things are bugging me, though:

- It's kind of blending into the black background, so adding some back light or a bit of rim light (though not too much) might give it a bit of pop.

- The face is kind of blending into the shoulder/chest region because the color and specularity are so simlar. You may want to add a bit more color or specular variation to make the face a little more readable.

04 April 2008, 02:08 PM
That's some great work! Looks like you've explored the design thoroughly. You have an good sense of lighting, design and detail, a very well rounded artist indeed. I can't wait to see the final images.

04 April 2008, 02:12 PM
looks real cool! ! !:thumbsup:

Zoey Freak
04 April 2008, 07:14 PM
Great zbrush work! Love the color shceme... Dark and mysterious... Thanks for sharing...

04 April 2008, 07:05 AM
Great work, and very sweet concept! Good luck!

04 April 2008, 08:34 AM
its looking gr8
good concept and well executed

04 April 2008, 02:26 PM
Thank you everyone for the support. Swizzle, Thanks for the comment. It's really helpful, so I will adjust the lighting soon. Now, I need to finish my texture map. Here is my test render with new color scheme. It has all the map applied except glow. Any comment are very welcome. :)

04 April 2008, 12:02 AM

This is some really good detail for 3d and also design! I like your style, the pose looks alright, I still donít know if this will be the winning pose? since I fear you could move it a bit more, unless itís a bit hard to rigging him yet...I like all the textures used in here as well, but I feel a bit stiff the fabric maybe needs a bit more if flow and curves as for the pose he is doing leaning his weight to the left hip side, other than that the rendering and lighting its doing right their job, well done and great design once again!:lightbulb

04 April 2008, 07:10 PM
Here is my new lighting test with difference light rig.

04 April 2008, 07:21 PM
this is looking great. the render has a "game engine" feel, but you are rendering in max or maya right? any chance you'll share some tips?

04 April 2008, 08:58 PM
Awesome! Great design and great modeling.

04 April 2008, 10:48 AM
wow, looks absolutely awesome! lovely sculpt.

04 April 2008, 11:49 PM
Final Day! WoW! Wow! Wow!

Your character is so cool.

Good Luck ka.:)

04 April 2008, 03:39 AM
Finally, It's done. Thank you for all the supports and comments. Good luck!

04 April 2008, 04:10 AM
pretty great overall entry... i'm particularly pleased with your 3d roughing in stage, and your final specular map. those 2 things are outstanding... everything else is just awesome.

04 April 2008, 09:33 AM
Wow, definatly one of cgtalks best entries. The beautyshot is sooo damn nice! Congrats

04 April 2008, 10:24 AM
This looks fantastic! If you don't mind, what did you render your winning pose with?

04 April 2008, 10:44 AM
great entry :applause:.

The lighting in the winning pose is by far the thing that strikes me the most ( might be beacause i'm so bad at lighting ) . I would be interested too in your lighting workflow. The beauty shot looks too 2d imo, but it has great atmosphere.


04 April 2008, 06:49 PM
I Like That Monster To Be Destroyed.

04 April 2008, 07:03 PM
stunning character. I like the pointed feet - they remind me of the mechs from Zone of the Enders. I am also wondering about that beauty shot - how much of it did you touch up in photoshop and how much is straight from the render?

04 April 2008, 07:39 PM
great job man!! nice modelling details, good luck in this competition!

04 April 2008, 06:29 PM
Thank you guys. For winning pose, I rendered in 3dsmax scanline standard with light rig that had key light on the top of character and a few more fill and rim light. For Beauty Shot, I used Vray. The only 2d composite are background smoke and flame.

04 April 2008, 06:42 PM
Ah, very nice! Thank you for your response, your renders turned out wonderfully. My favorite entry I have seen :applause:

04 April 2008, 09:13 PM
Man, it's been a few threads and got to say the whole thing makes me proud to be posting among you guys! Theerapol, you rock!

The Flork
04 April 2008, 01:45 AM
hahah awesome dude! i like to imagin him ice skateing hella fast chopping other ice scaters heads off! :-D

04 April 2008, 11:14 PM
Finally, Good Job! :)

04 April 2008, 05:45 PM
I may not have bothered at all if I'd seen this a few weeks ago. Truly awesome man!!! Love your zbrushing especially

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04 April 2008, 05:45 PM
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