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02 February 2008, 07:22 PM
As we all have read that maya 2008 has implemended new support for particles and mental ray. At first excited but soon realize as expected that autodesk has yet again provided something new which is half done. Wonderful guys!
Question: Having limited experience with particle and mental ray since I mostly deal with renderman and houdini. My question is in regards to sprite rendering in mental ray. My sprites in hardware render work perfectly however when using mental ray I notice a large difference most with opacityPP attributes and lifespanPP just plian crappy. There not working any suggestions ?
I am guessing that particleSampler would be needed but not sure how to incorparate that into a the spriteTEX shader.

Here a list of support that Autodesk claims that work !

positionPP, spriteScaleX, spriteScaleXPP, spriteScaleY, spriteScaleYPP, spriteTwist, spriteTwistPP
spriteNumPP is unsupported ( great who needs that right guys )
I am sure there other things not supported that I am not aware of. For those who know please list your experiences.

02 February 2008, 01:55 AM
I think I read somewhere that any pp attributes dealing with color are not suported. Hence why opacitypp is not supported. Apparently they claim they will eventually add this support in later versions :shrug:

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02 February 2008, 01:55 AM
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