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02-24-2008, 05:15 PM
Final Presentation:

Hey Guys,

This is my first Dominance War competition and I'm very excited to be fighting for CGS.

I'll start things off with a quick pencil sketch.

Name: TBA
Race: Alien
Class: Warlord
Artifact Weapon: Fire/Lava

- David

02-24-2008, 05:17 PM
Great start!

Alex Oliver

02-26-2008, 06:42 AM
Here's an update

I think I'm going to do a more finialized sketch of this one.

03-28-2008, 02:40 AM
Concept Update

03-28-2008, 02:42 AM
Starting my high poly model. Hopefully I'll have time to finish!

04-01-2008, 06:47 AM
Here is an update.

04-01-2008, 06:52 AM
Nice concept. I like the big arm shield.

04-04-2008, 10:23 PM
oliveira: Thanks!

jttruong85: Thanks!

Here is my hi-poly mesh. Its going to be a looong weekend.

04-04-2008, 10:41 PM
Looks very nice. Thought I think you could add a little more menace touch to the head, sharpen/rough up some shapes. I also like the rounded forehead on the concept (second last concept update I think).Anyway, good luck on that long weekend:thumbsup:

04-05-2008, 01:59 AM
hakanpersson: Thanks for the reply. When you are talking about the head and the forehead do you mean the helment that the character is wearing? Because I agree that could use a little more damage detail add to it.

04-05-2008, 02:03 AM
That lower torso is really cool man! From the front though, they look as though they are turned backwards, but it has a good solid form and the muscle structure is interesting. Yes, long weekend indeed.

04-05-2008, 08:02 AM
im interested to see what colors you chose fo this guy.

04-05-2008, 08:54 PM
Great concept. I'm impatient to see the textures!

Keep it up!

04-06-2008, 03:30 AM
Looks pretty cool nice design and modeling. Would like to see him look a little more powerful like he could really kick everyones butt. Looks like you haven't decided on a weapon.. looking forward to seeing it.

04-06-2008, 09:29 AM
Looks cool! Although I am confused by the legs! May I say that the upper of the front legs looks a bit clothie next to the cloth at the moment. Keep it up!

04-08-2008, 05:15 AM
Firerbert: Thanks!

SPIDER2544: Me too! uhhh...I guess I better get on that!

Blaschke: Thanks!

valri22: Thanks! I have decided on a weapon, but its only half built.

robomojo: Thanks! He's suppose to have sort of leathery skin. Maybe thats why it seems like cloth.

Here's the lastest update:

The normal map still needs work. Right now he's at 6,556 tris with out the weapon.

Low poly + Normal Map + AO

04-09-2008, 07:18 AM
Started texturing tonight. I'll finish the textures tomorrow and then on to the weapon.

04-10-2008, 06:55 AM
Texture Update:

Also does anybody know how to show transparency in Max's viewport? The alpha I have on the cloth is not showing up.

04-11-2008, 07:23 AM
Here is my latest update.

WIP Textures/Pose

04-11-2008, 07:26 AM
very cool stuff man! hope you finish! i hope i finish too *sigh

04-12-2008, 07:55 PM
blindsyte: Thanks! I hope you finish as well!

I added my final images to my first post.

04-16-2008, 03:20 AM
Hey this guy looks really good. The weapon choice suits him. Looks like maybe you didn't have as much time to put together a nicely finished image. I would have liked to see the textures a little more finished or with more detail. It looks great though I'm sure you'll make it into top 50 maybe with more time you coudl have even been top 10! Who knows though it's always hard to tell with this contest.

Love the eyes too!

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04-16-2008, 03:20 AM
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