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02 February 2008, 03:18 AM
Ok so not quite the normal Photoshop question for this forum but Im stumped and got norwhere else right now to post...

I fiqured its time to polish up my site and cv, otherwise its all gonna get horribly out of date.

For layout purposes I decided to do the CV with Photoshop. Now for some reason when I export all text content in the PDF is vectorised - which is kinda cool, better than raster. But I really actually want to embed the font and just use that! I set all the embed options and everything but no luck! It simply does not take fonts and keep it as text.

It took me the longest time to fiqure out that this is what it was doing till I noticed faux bolds turns raster in pdf, becuase faux bolds can't convert to shape.

As for why this is so important - opening the shape based PDF in foxit is unreadable till about 300% zoom!! It looks totally S**T (It does look fine in acrobat though). Also file size is about 300kb per page for just plain text and a tiny logo! I would normally have moved over to illustrator long ago but I don't own a copy :(

Help please... pics attached of txt at normal 100% view screenshot of foxit. (its not foxit either as my friends lovely 34kb cv looks great in it .. and I can select the text)

02 February 2008, 05:20 PM
Maybe you can do it better with some tool that prints to PDF. Like PDFCreator, I think is free

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02 February 2008, 05:20 PM
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