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02 February 2008, 11:40 PM
Ive got the tutorial video...followed it exactly, have some Painter X magazines and books. I change a pen/brush I like, go to "save variant" in the brush menu, everything's fine. I try and rename it as a variant, just like in the tutorial video, and if I make any change to the name, the "OK" button blinks off. I can save the variant only under the original name. Id like to keep the originals and have a folder of the variants. What am I doing wrong? Any change to the existing name and I cant save it. Ive got the latest updates as far as I know. I'm stumped.

02 February 2008, 10:38 AM

The only time I see the OK button greyed out when saving a custom brush variant is when I type a name that's too long.

Try typing a name for the custom brush variant that includes a total of 23 characters and spaces or less, for instance:

my_brush_variant 022208

That's 23 characters and spaces total. (The number is today's date, in case anyone wonders.)

or less....

my_brsh_var_feb22 08

That's 20 characters and spaces total.


02 February 2008, 03:50 PM
No luck. Any change to the name de-hilites the "OK" button. If I make a change to a brush, on the regular toolbar interface, is the brush going to re-appear that way next time I load it up anyhow? If so, is this why it's not saving? Do I have to do some "Revert to default" type thing as well? Im confused, as I just followed the process from the Jeremy Sutton vid. that came with PainterX.

I also made a few custom palletes with brushes I like..but cant find the "Custom 1,2 or 3" palletes in any menu. All my books and such say how easy it is to do, but dont mention where they get stored. Im such a newbie to digital stuff! Gah!

02 February 2008, 04:01 PM
Hi lon66,
I've just posted this in The PainterFactory Corel Painter X forum, too, in response to your questions posted there yesterday.
We all started out as "newbies", so don't let that bother you. Just keep asking questions and we'll try to help.

How to Create and Save a Custom Brush Variant

I'm going to give you step-by-step instructions for saving custom brush variants, using the safest method I know, to avoid overwriting the default brush variant.

For this purpose, I'll use the Pens' Bamboo Pen 10 brush variant as the default variant (sometimes referred to as original variant or source variant). Then I'll name your custom brush variant, lon's Bamboo Pen 10.

1. Choose the Pens' Bamboo Pen 10 brush variant (the default brush variant you'll customize) and restore it to its default settings (Brush Selector menu > Restore Default Variant).NOTE: In the next step, if you see the OK button greyed out when you click the Spacebar between the words, continue typing and you'll see the OK button "turns on" again until the next time you click the Spacebar. As long as you limit the name to a maximum of 23 characters, including the spaces in the character count, you shouldn't have any problem saving your custom brush variant.

For the purposes of this tutorial, and to prevent confusion while you're learning, use the brush variant names I've used in the steps below.
2. In the Brush Selector menu choose Save Variant, then type lon's Bamboo Pen 10 (a unique name not already used by Painter X). Now, though you haven't yet made any changes to customize the brush variant, it's saved with the new name and the original (default) brush variant remains in its default state.

3. In the Brush Selector's brush variant list, choose lon's Bamboo Pen 10 (the custom brush variant you just saved).

4. Make any brush control adjustments you want to your custom brush variant (lon's Bamboo Pen 10) and when you're happy with the result, go to the Brush Selector menu, choose Save Variant.

5. A warning will pop up, saying:

"That User-Created Variant already exists, would you like to replace it?".
6. Click the Yes button to save the lon's Bamboo Pen 10 custom brush variant again with the same name.


Since you:

Started with the default Pen's Bamboo Pen 10 variant,
Restored it to its default state,
Saved it with a new name,
Then made your brush control adjustments only to the new custom brush variant, lon's Bamboo Pen 10,
and saved that custom brush variant again with the same name after making brush control adjustments,
You should have both the original (Pen's Bamboo Pen 10) brush variant in its default state and your new custom brush variant (lon's Bamboo Pen 10) saved with the changes you made so it's also in its default state now (default = as-saved).

Custom Palettes

To learn how to create and manage Custom Palettes, read the following:

Painter X Help > Help Topics > Contents tab > A Workspace Tour

Click the plus sign to the left of A Workspace Tour, then click Custom Palettes and , on the right panel, read that entire section.


03 March 2008, 09:27 PM
Thanks for the reply! I was working with digital watercolour recently and managed to save the brush variants I created (mostly bristle shapes) without the "ok" button greying out. Im not sure why it wouldnt work with the oils brushes. In that instance, any change from the original caused the OK to not function no matter what I did. I havent gone back and fiddled with it since. Anyhow, such is the mystery of Painter! Its not the "how do I?" that gets much as the "Why the heck is it?"...

Thanks again.

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