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04 April 2002, 12:20 PM
10sec animation_XSI2.0.1

this is just a quick animation test with this character I've made fews months ago.....just for fun !! (


04 April 2002, 02:46 PM
lol, that's good stuff;)

single comment: the feet are a bit static, maybe they should groove some more too

04 April 2002, 04:41 PM
Uuuh Stipen, as usual, this is excellent :)

04 April 2002, 08:49 PM

04 April 2002, 09:18 PM
the cuts were a little weird, but gosh darn it, it's good to see him moving. :)

04 April 2002, 02:46 AM
I love your lil bot' !
This song just can get out of my head and I'm dancing alone in front the mirror ..
Goodtimes !:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

04 April 2002, 03:11 AM
good job but l think that could be better he can groove more than that and the feet are always stay in the ground put more dancing mouvement on the feet.excellent job by the way
excuse for my english

04 April 2002, 03:35 AM
funny outta h*ll!!! and GOOD animation\character! no crits, just great! I will live on this laugh today :thumbsup:

04 April 2002, 10:59 AM
hey there

great model design .. however i have to disagree about the animation .. he looks like classic IK animation .. all orgionating from the wrists and the ankles ..

it just looks like it's animated .. not like it's dancing .. remember all moves come from the hips and ripple out .. your moves are on the hips .. then there's a lot of IK wobble .. and then static wrists and ankles doing their own thing

do it with FK arms and it'll look heaps better .. then just clean up the feet

love the model though


04 April 2002, 02:05 AM
really badass! great laugh around the office.

Im no animator so I really cant critique on how you actually went about doing it but id say since he's dancing to some disco, really accentuate his hips (or some appendage) when those bumps hit. It looks like the only thing thats synced up are the cuts.

nice little ani though!!

jeremy weldon
04 April 2002, 09:06 AM
i love the lights on the fingers, the whole thing goes really well

06 June 2002, 09:04 AM
Funny stuff! Great:buttrock: :eek: :bounce:

08 August 2002, 06:15 PM
Huahaha! great Stipen!
I had seen the movie on your web... but I wanted leave a message here too! you got my vote! :thumbsup:

08 August 2002, 07:04 PM
Character design is great, but the animation looks a little unfinshed. There's a couple places where he just lifts off the ground for no reason. I think this is a great start though. Clean everything up a little and look at your arcing action more in depth. You've got some flat lines of motion in there. Also, watch out for the twinning (remember, twinning isn't always a bad thing but in most cases it's not as dynamic and looks a little lifeless).

I also noticed you have very little overlapping action. When he shifts his weight, not everything should come to rest at the same time (it looks unnatural). The render quality is great! Are you gonna do more of these?

Hope these comments were useful and I didn't come acroos as a jerk.

08 August 2002, 07:43 PM
eeenice :)

only thing to complain about is that the knees seems to move too independently from legs joints(hips)

08 August 2002, 07:47 PM
I give you a 5 letter word:

:bounce:G - R - E - A - T :bounce:

:beer: :love: :drool:

08 August 2002, 10:19 PM
It would be really amazing if the anim wasn't cut.
Try an only sequence (like the boss dancing post)
For the anim You should watch John Travolta, Saturday night fever
and try to reproduce his dance skill

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